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Trusted private lenders for investing in real estate markets of San Antonio, Texas. Get your funding requirements met with fast and easy hard money loans from 14th Street Capital.

Trusted Hard Money Lender In San Antonio

Investing in Real Estate Markets in San Antonio

San Antonio was listed among the top 5 cities where buying a home could prove to be a profitable real estate investment in the United States. 

With cost of living lower than the national average and median home prices less than other Texas cities like Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, the San Antonio real estate market is poised to boom. The median prices of single family homes for sale in San Antonio have jumped up by 13 percent just in the last year. 

In addition to being one of the most sought after real estate investment destinations in Texas, San Antonio also happens to be one of the most stable rental markets in the country with plenty of room for upward growth. 

With home sales skyrocketing recently and inventory of properties available for sale continually tightening, quick access to capital can be the secret ingredient that you need to succeed in San Antonio’s rewarding real estate environment.

The Local San Antonio Advantage

Why Choose 14th Street Capital?

Local Real Estate Specialists

With a team of experts on ground, we are hard money lenders who also are in touch with the ever changing real estate market prices in San Antonio.

Competitive Interest Rates

Get best in market interest rates when funding your real estate investments in San Antonio with 14th Street Capital.

Minimal Documentation Requirements

Get the funding you need without going through the process of submitting pay stubs, tax reports, credit checks.

No Hidden Costs

Transparent loan underwriting process without any hidden costs so that you can focus on making your real estate investments a success without worrying about the fees.

Unparalleled Expertise

We specialize in short-term rehab loans for fueling your fix and flips with upto 100 percent funding on the after-repair value for you to maximize your profits.

Seamless Lending Process

Our simplified and transparent lending process makes it seamless for you to invest in San Antonio’s real estate market.

Hard Money Lenders in Texas

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital provides hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the Texas including:

Hard Money Loans for Success in San Antonio’s Real Estate Market

In competitive environments where properties stay on the market for a limited funding period of time, shorter intervals between seeking a loan and getting the funding approved can directly translate into real estate success. This is where hard money loans come into picture.

Loans based on property value

Hard money loans are asset-backed. The property itself serves as a collateral for the loan. Since hard money loans are based primarily on property value and not on personal income, assets, or credit, it makes it easier for you to qualify for a loan for investing in San Antonio’s real estate market.

Fast loan closing

The process of getting a loan from banks and conventional lenders can take months. Hard money loans eliminate the need to jump through multiple hoops and streamline the process of getting you the funding you need to win the deal and close faster.

Relaxed lending criteria

Whether you are a seasoned investor or are investing in your first project, you can get a hard money loan for your real estate investments in San Antonio. While conventional lenders have a strict criteria for loan approvals and a slightest red flag can result in rejections, hard money loans can be a good fit for novice as well as experienced investors.

Funding that covers numerous projects

Hard money loans can cater to a number of different investment needs in the San Antonio region including purchases and refinances, rehabs and rentals, land acquisition, new construction and even commercial project undertakings.

Hard Money Loans for Different Investment Needs

Short and Long term loan financing for investors developing properties for rental income in San Antonio. Kickstart your rental portfolio with rental loans from 14th Street Capital.

Short-term loan financing for purchase, repairs and rehab of non owner occupied properties in San Antonio and flipping them for profit. Transparent financing for up to 100% of after-repair-value.

Loan offerings designed specifically to meet the short-term and long-term funding requirements of landlords in San Antonio. Attractive long term refinancing options for your mortgage.