Long Term Rental Loans To Grow Your Business

Unparalleled expertise in providing rental loans to real estate investors with minimal documentation and flexible borrowing terms.


14th Street Capital provides attractive terms for refinancing your loans so that you get the most value out of your investment.

Cash Out

We help you turn your equity into cash and pave the way for lucrative real estate investment opportunities to grow your portfolio.


As market leaders of non-owner occupant financing, we offer the most competitive rental property loans to finance your purchase.

Flexible Amortization Options

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Adjustable rate mortgage for transitional rentals

Enjoy the flexibility of our amortization offerings. Lucrative payment terms that involve only interest payment for the first 3-5 years followed by regular amortization schedule.

30 year fixed rate for permanent refinancing

Get the maximum cash flow from your rental property investment. Long term 30 year rental loans for stability and peace of mind for investors looking for long-term financing at attractive rates. Say goodbye to balloon payments.

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Our Rental Loan Offering

Whether you’re looking for a single property rental loan, a rental portfolio loan or a commercial rental loan, here are more details about our loan offering.
Property Types

Transitional rentals, permanent rentals, single family, multifamily and commercial rentals.

Borrower Type

Individuals as well as corporate entities.

Interest Rate

Starting at 5.8%, calculated on the basis of property cash flow and loan to value amount.

Rate Structure

Up to 80% of LTV for cash out refinance loans and up to 85% of LTV for rental purchase loans.

Prepayment Options

Borrowers can choose between 3 year or 5 year structure depending on how early they they want to prepay for the loan.

Origination Fees

Standard fees is at 1% but can be customized.

Why Choose 14th Street Capital?

Here’s why real estate professionals choose 14th Street Capital for their Rental Loan requirements.

Experienced Real Estate Investors

At 14th Street Capital, our experts have several decades of hands-on experience in the real estate industry. As experienced real estate investors ourselves, we know your needs and requirements better than anyone else. We know what it takes to succeed and will partner with you and offer the best possible terms for your next real estate investment.

Efficient and Flexible Offerings

We aim to provide you with a smooth borrowing experience by offering flexibility you need for securing a rental loan. Whether you are a first-time real estate investor or a seasoned investor with a diverse real estate portfolio, we offer lucrative terms and competitive market rates to help you maximize your investment.

Customization of Rental Loan Offering

Our rental loan offerings are on the basis of the property cash flow rather than the personal finances and credit score of the investor. 14th Street Capital's rental loan offerings are customized for individual borrowers allowing our clients to scale faster and invest smarter. Our existing clients with also get access to better deals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rental Loans

What properties are eligible for rental loans by 14th street capital?

A wide range of properties are eligible for our rental loans including single family residences, 2-4 unit properties, and commercial rentals.

What documentation would I need to take a rental loan?

Along with the filled application form, we need one month’s bank statements and REO schedule stating all the properties currently owned. No tax returns or minimum credit score is required to get a loan. If the property is currently rented, the lease documents would need to be submitted along with the application. In case of purchase of the rental property, the sales contract would need to be furnished. In case the applicant is a business entity, the LLC operating agreement or articles of corporations will also need to be submitted.

How is the property cash flow calculated?

We use DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) to calculate the property cash flow. This ratio is obtained by dividing the monthly rent by monthly principal, interest, taxes and insurance. DSCR of 1.2 and above is an indicator of solid property cash-flow.

What is the rate of interest on rental loans?

At 14th Street Capital, we offer competitive rates for both 30 year fixed-rate loans and 5/1 and 7/1 adjustable rate mortgages. The interest rates for rental loans start at 5.8% and are decided on the basis of property’s cash flow, loan to value ratio and borrower relationship.

What is the prepayment penalty if I want to pay off the loan sooner?

The standard prepayment penalty we offer is 5 years. i.e. a prepayment penalty will not be applicable if you choose to pay off the loan after 5 years. You can also opt for 3 years prepayment if you wish to pay off the loan even earlier.