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Hard Money Lenders for Real Estate Investors

Whether you are looking for long-term loans to buy and hold or short-term financing for fix and flip or build to rent, 14th Street Capital is the best funding source for your real estate investment.

Get Access To Hassle Free Hard Money Loans

Our hard money loans are designed to bring speed, efficiency and transparency to the loan approval process. Hassle free loans with minimal paperwork so that you no longer have to be stuck in lengthy application and underwriting process of traditional mortgage loans. 

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Short Loan Funding Timelines

For fast financing solutions and loan closures that take place in a matter of days. With preliminary approvals happening in a matter of days, we guarantee loan closures in a matter of 5 – 10 days. Speedy loan approvals, short funding timelines and quick release of funds allowing you to focus on your project while we handle the finances.

Flexible Loan Approvals

We evaluate each deal individually to offer the most favorable terms and hassle-free closings. All we need are the details of the collateral assets, the purpose and proposed loan timeline and your planned exit strategy. It is that simple.

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Variety of Hard Money Loan Programs

Whether you are seeking funding for single-family residential units, multi-property projects or commercial real estate investments, 14th Street Capital’s hard money loans cater to all your funding needs.

Fix and Flip Loans

Short-term loan financing for purchase and rehab of an investment property to sell off.

Rental Loans

Long term loan financing for investors developing properties for rental income.

Landlord Loans

Secure loans with low rates and less money down to increase your profit margins on property rehabs.

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Lending Across the Nation

14th Street Capital offers hard money loans in all of the top real estate markets across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much down payment is required for taking a hard money loan?

Hard money lenders do require you to pay a portion of your loan upfront. The exact amount of down payment is calculated based on a variety of factors such as the borrower’s experience, ongoing relationship with the lender, investment portfolio etc. This amount can range between 20 to 30 percent of the deal.

What are the interest rates for taking a hard money loan?

The interest rates vary on a case to case basis. However, it can range anywhere from 9 percent to 15 percent. In addition to this hard money lenders also charge points or origination fees that have to be paid to mitigate the risks involved.

Is there a minimum credit score required for applying for a hard money loan?

Some hard money lenders do have a minimum credit score requirement to minimize the risk of borrowers defaulting. However, at 14th Street Capital, we have no minimum criteria and the funding decisions are based on the individual case analysis.

What is the time duration of a hard money loan?

Hard money loans are typically short term loans. Typical loan timeline for hard money loans such as rental loans or fix and flip loans is around a year. However it can be extended to a longer tenure of 2-5 years.