Custom Hard Money Loans for Landlords

Competitive long term mortgages and hard money loans for landlords looking to buy rental properties and ensuring a steady stream of rental income.

Buy to Rent

Purchase loans for aspiring landlords looking to buy real estate properties to rent out. Obtain long term financing for your rental investments at flexible terms and competitive interest rates.


Repair, renovate and rehabilitate a dilapidated property into an upgraded version before renting it out with rental renovation loans for landlords.


Create a wider profit margin on your rental real estate investment by refinancing your existing landlord loan to better terms and lower interest rates. Get access to working capital for growing your rental portfolio.

Why Choose 14th Street Capital?

Our Landlord Loan Offering

Customized Loan Program

Whether you are looking for short-term purchase/rehab rental loans or long term loans, we have specially designed landlord loans to meet your specific requirements. With flexible loan offerings for long term 30 year loans as well as short term 3,5,7, and 10/1 ARM landlord loans.

Faster Processing Times

Securing a loan from a conventional lender or a bank can take up to a couple of months for its processing. Getting a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital can accelerate the approval and processing of a loan and get you access to the working capital you need to set up your rental portfolio.

Flexible Payment Schedules

No cap on the number of properties that you can finance. At 14th Street Capital, we are not just hard money lenders, but we are real estate investors ourselves. We understand the need for flexibility in underwriting and aim to offer you the best terms when you apply for a landlord loan.

Minimum Documentation

Rather than focusing on your personal income and credit report, our hard money loans focus on the property value. With minimal documentation requirements, getting a landlord loan from 14th Street Capital is a hassle-free experience.

Attractive Long Term Financing Rates

Whether you are looking to purchase a property to rent, conduct repairs and remodelling of existing rental properties or refinance your existing loans, we offer landlord loans at attractive rates to cover all your needs. Refinance loans are offered against after repair value (ARV) rather than initial purchase price.

Lending to Business Entities

Conventional lenders and banks choose to finance a landlord loan only if you own the property under your name. At 14th Street Capital, you can get a loan even if you are registered as a business entity or an limited liability company (LLC).

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Landlord Loans Offering

What type of properties are eligible for landlord loans?

14th Street Capital offers loans for non owner occupied 1-4 unit properties, condos and mobile homes.

What are the interest rates when getting a landlord loan?

The interest rates for short term loans start at 7.95% while that for 30 year amortization landlord loans start at 4.5%.

Can I cover renovation expenses with a landlord loan?

Our landlord loans cover acquisition, renovation and repair costs. If you are looking to improve the property before renting it out, the renovation expenses can be covered under the loan.

How can I get a hard money landlord loan?

The process for getting a landlord loan is very simple, submit the filled out application form and other documentation, our team will conduct the property appraisal, give approval and process the funding.