Get Hard Money Loan for Investing in Real Estate in Dallas-Fort Worth

Get your capital requirements met for investing in the booming DFW real estate market with fast access to hard money loans. 

Trusted Hard Money Lender In DFW

Investing in Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate

The dependable and liquid real estate environments of twin cities of Dallas and Fort Worth make the DFW metropolis region one of the most lucrative investment opportunities for investing in Texas real estate. 

As a hub for culture, education and industry, the Dallas-Fort Worth region is home to a number of top notch universities and colleges and provides great career opportunities, all of which contribute to the current boom in its real estate market. 

With increased demand and limited supply inventory, access to fast funding can be the difference between successfully closing a deal or losing it. 14th Street Capital, Texas’ leading hard money lender, can help you secure the hard money financing you need to succeed in Dallas’ competitive real estate market.

The Local DFW Advantage

14th Street Capital Advantage

Local Real Estate Specialists

With a team of experts on ground, we are hard money lenders who also are in touch with the ever changing real estate market prices in the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. 14th Street Capital can help you get what you need in the competitive real estate scenario while being your go-to source of information.

Fast Loan Closing

We offer a streamlined and transparent lending process. Get fast loan approvals in a matter of days and access to fast funding that allows you to close deals in a matter of days.

Competitive Interest Rates

Get best in market interest rates when funding your real estate investments in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis region with 14th Street Capital. Get access to the capital you need at competitive interest rates.

Minimal Documentation Requirements

With asset backed loans, we give primary importance to the property you are looking to invest in rather than individual creditworthiness. This eliminates the lengthy documentation process of submitting pay stubs, tax reports, credit checks and accelerates the funding.

Tailored Loan Offerings

We customize our loan offerings on the basis of individual borrower needs which adds unparalleled flexibility to the lending process. Even if you have low credit scores or past history of foreclosures, you are eligible for getting a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital to fulfil your real estate dreams.

Seamless Lending Process

We have eliminated all the unnecessary hoops in the lending process, making it easier than ever for you to invest in DFW's real estate market.

Hard Money Lenders in Texas

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Texas including:

What Makes Hard Money Loans Attractive

Hard money loans are a form of asset-backed, short term financing. Since the underwriting of the loan is based on the hard asset i.e. the property itself, hard money loans have a distinct advantage over conventional bank loans.

Faster Processing Times

If you have already found a lucrative real estate option in Dallas-Fort Worth that you want to invest in, Hard money loans offer the fastest processing times. Unlike conventional loans that take weeks or months, loan approvals for hard money loans happen in a matter of days.

Asset Backed Loans

Conventional lenders like banks and credit unions in Dallas-Fort Worth thoroughly scrutinize your credit history, income statements, and tax reports before approving it. Since hard money loans are asset-backed, the property itself serves as a collateral, increasing your chances of loan approval.

Funding for Rehab Projects

Banks and other traditional lenders shy away from lending for funding investments in distressed properties. If you are looking to fix-and-flip a property for profit and renovate or rehabilitate a project in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington region, hard money loans are going to be your best bet.

No Experience Needed

Previous experience in investing in real estate is not a mandatory requirement for getting a hard money loan in Dallas. Whether you are a seasoned investor or are investing in your first project, you can get a hard money loan for your project.

Hard Money Loans for Different Investment Needs

Our hard money loan offerings in Dallas-Fort Worth cater to a variety of different investment needs.

Short and Long term loan financing for investors developing properties for rental income in DFW. Kickstart your rental portfolio with rental loans from 14th Street Capital.

Short-term loan financing for purchase, repairs and rehab of a non owner occupied properties in Dallas-Fort Worth and flipping them for profit. Transparent financing for up to 100% of after-repair-value.

Loan offerings designed specifically to meet the short-term and long-term funding requirements of landlords in Dallas-Fort Worth. Attractive long term refinancing options for your mortgage.