Get Hard Money Loan for Investing in Real Estate in Houston

Get access to the capital you need to finance your real estate investments in the city of Houston, Texas.      

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Investing in Houston Real Estate

Houston ranked #1 in the Forbes’ fastest growing cities in America list and was named among the top 3 American cities of the future by the Financial Times.

As the headquarters of a sizeable number of Fortune 500 companies, the real estate market in Houston is thriving. 

In 2020 alone, the total housing sales in Houston experienced strong upward trends and were up by 6.9%.

As the city continues to grow and expand, getting access to the capital you need to invest in Houston and its surrounding towns such as Sugar Land’s real estate market can make or break your chances of success. 

14th Street Capital can help you secure the hard money financing you need to succeed.

Why Choose Hard Money Loans for Investing in Houston?


Faster Processing Times

Unlike conventional loans from banks and other financial institutions, the processing of hard money loans is much faster. With loan pre approvals taking place in a matter of days and processing times as short as a couple of weeks, opting for hard money loans ensures that you don’t miss out on the property you had your eyes on and get to move successfully to closing deals.


Asset-value Based Loans

Hard money loans are approved on the basis of the property value rather than individual credit. If you have a low credit score, history of foreclosures, low income-debt ratio, you can still get a hard money loan approved. Since the borrower’s personal creditworthiness does not factor in, hard money loans are a great alternative to traditional financing.


Minimal Documentation Requirement

Hard money loans do not have to comply with the same set of regulations that traditional mortgages do, hence the loan process is much easier and quicker. Unlike traditional financing options, hard money lenders have minimal documentation requirements and you don’t have to submit documents like tax returns or pay stubs to get approval.

The Local Houston-Sugar Land Advantage

Why Choose 14th Street Capital For
Hard Money Loans In Houston?

The Local Advantage

With a team of experts on ground, we are in touch with the ever changing real estate market prices and can help you get what you need in the competitive Houston real estate scenario.

Tailored Loan Offerings

We understand that hard money loans aren’t a one-size-fits all. With customization options depending on your unique needs, we ensure that you get the best deal.

Seamless Lending Process

We have eliminated all the unnecessary hoops in the lending process, making it seamless for you to invest in Houston’s real estate market. Simplified lending for success in real estate.

Competitive Interest Rates

We offer the best in market interest rates when funding your real estate investments in the state of Texas. Get access to the capital you need at competitive interest rates.

No Hidden Costs

Transparent loan underwriting process without any hidden costs so that you can focus on making your real estate investments a success without worrying about the fees.

Unparalleled Flexibility

With tailored funding solutions based on the needs of individual borrowers, our lending process grants the flexibility you need at every stage, be it contract, escrow, closing or draw requests.

Hard Money Lenders in Texas

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital provides hard money lending services in all the leading real estate markets in Texas including:

Hard Money Loans for Different Investment Needs

Our hard money loan offerings in Houston-Sugar Land, Texas cater to all types of different investment needs.

Long term loan financing for investors developing properties for rental income in Houston and Sugar Land. Kickstart your rental portfolio with rental loans from 14th Street Capital.

Short-term loan financing for purchase, repairs and rehab of a non owner occupied property in Houston. Transparent financing for upto 100% of after-repair-value.

Loan offerings designed specifically to meet the short-term and long-term funding requirements of landlords in Houston. Attractive long term refinancing options for your mortgage.