Trusted Hard Money Lenders in Irving, Texas

Flexible funding solutions to meet your specific requirements when investing in real estate markets of Irving, Texas. Get the financial leverage you need to succeed in real estate investments with hard money loans from 14th Street Capital.

Trusted Hard Money Lender In Irving, Texas

Short Term and Long Term Hard Money Loans in Irving, Texas

Whether you are looking to acquire a property on a short term basis for a fix and flip or are looking to get into long term loans for building your own rental portfolio, hard money loan offerings can cater to all your funding requirements. 

Our short term loan offerings cater to a variety of project needs including purchase, construction and renovation of property for fix and flips. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to buy and hold properties for the long term, flexible amortization options make hard money loans a good choice for investing in Irving’s real estate market.

Wide range of loan offerings

Looking to finance an investment property in Irving, Texas? Hard money lenders offer a wide range of loans to fund your next investment. Depending on your requirements, choose from the following hard money loan options from leading hard money lender in Texas, 14th Street Capital

Flexible guidelines with minimal documentation

Don’t qualify for conventional loans or just need the funding to come through faster? Hard money lenders do not adhere to rigid guidelines and underwriting criteria making it easier to qualify for loans. 

No need to submit income proof, tax returns, credit statements, or other lengthy documentation. With hard money loans, the lending decision does not solely depend on the credit score of the borrower. As long as your investment makes financial sense, approval will come through.

Hard Money Lending in Irving, Texas

Hard Money Loan Highlights

The Local Advantage

Why Choose 14th Street Capital for Hard Money Loans in Irving, Texas


Instant loan prequalification and loan approvals in mere days makes getting a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital a quick and hassle free experience. With short loan approval timelines and fast closing times, we ensure that you don’t miss out on the deal of your dreams in Irving’s competitive real estate market.


Every loan application is judged on its own merit when taking approval decisions. When you apply for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital, you get access to customized loan offerings designed to help you succeed in real estate investment in Irving, Texas.


At 14th Street Capital, we have eliminated all the unnecessary steps making the lending process seamless and transparent for you. With a straightforward application process, we have made sure that you don’t have to worry about any hidden terms or additional fees when investing in real estate.

Local Expertise

Our history as real estate investors and robust knowledge about the real estate scenario in and around Irving, Texas, gives you additional advantage. You not only get access to the funds you need, you also get a chance to tap into first hand knowledge, multiplying your chances of success in the real estate landscape.

Asset Backed Lending

Personal creditworthiness does not factor in when applying for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital. Even if you have a bad credit score, or are self employed or have a previous history of foreclosures, you are still eligible. With asset backed loans, the property itself serves as a collateral for you to get a loan.

Competitive Rates

Hard money loans are more expensive than conventional ones because of the high interest rates but that shouldn’t stop you from profiting from your real estate investments. At 14th Street Capital, we offer competitive interest rates so that you can maximise on your profits, more so on conducting repeat business with us.

Hard Money Lenders in Texas

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Texas including: