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Fast and flexible funding through hard money loans in Texas to get you started in the real estate markets of Pearland.

Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Success in Pearland, Texas

Pearland’s housing market is a highly competitive one. With median house listing prices up 19.8 percent on a year-on-year basis, and median days on market merely 7 days as compared to 19 days last year, the competition is high. 

Hard money loans from 14th Street Capital can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in Pearland’s real estate market.

Fast Approvals

Unlike conventional loans which take months to be approved, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital get you the funds you need in a matter of weeks. The fast approval and closing is crucial so that you don’t miss out on the deal of your choice in Pearland’s competitive market.

Flexible Lending

By eliminating the need to comply with rigid guidelines typical of traditional lending sources like banks, 14th Street Capital’s flexible underwriting process makes you eligible for loans against distressed and less than ideal properties for fixing-flipping and renovating properties for profit in Pearland.

Easy Qualification

Conventional lending sources have strict qualification criteria. You need to submit income proof, credit statements and a number of supporting documents to be eligible for loans. Hard money loans have easy qualification criteria. As long as the property you are investing in Pearland has potential, you are eligible for a loan.

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Loan Highlights

Why Choose 14th Street Capital for Hard Money Loans in Pearland, Texas

Local Expertise

Our history as real estate investors and robust knowledge about the real estate scenario in and around Pearland, Texas, gives you access to the funds you need along with a chance to tap into first hand knowledge, multiplying your chances of success in the real estate landscape.


Every loan application is judged on its own merit when taking approval decisions. When you apply for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital, you get access to customized loan offerings designed to help you succeed in real estate investment in Pearland, Texas.

Competitive Rates

High interest rates on Hard money loans shouldn’t stop you from profiting from your real estate investments. At 14th Street Capital, we offer competitive interest rates so that you can maximize on your profits, more so on conducting repeat business with us.

Asset Backed Lending

Even if you have a bad credit score, or are self employed or have a previous history of foreclosures, you are still eligible to get a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital. With asset backed loans in Pearland, Texas, the property itself serves as a collateral for you to get a loan.

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14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Texas including:

Wide Range of Hard Money Loan Offerings for Pearland Real Estate Investors

Hard money loans at attractive interest rates for purchasing a distressed property, fixing and flipping it for profit. Loans upto 90% of purchase value and 70% of after repair value for properties in Pearland.

Looking to build a real estate rental portfolio in Pearland? Rental loan offerings from 14th Street Capital with flexible amortization options and competitive interest rates for long term loans can help you get started.

Get long term financing for non owner occupied properties and get the equity to generate profits as a landlord in Pearland, Texas with hard money loans from 14th Street Capital.