The Best Neighborhoods In Washington DC To Move Into

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Spotless streets, politics, diverse crowds, and a bustling social scene make Washington DC the number one destination for millennials. However, the nation’s capital is a great place to live for people of all ages as it’s blessed with quieter neighborhoods like Arlington, Bethesda, and Silver Spring.

Earlier known as the District Of Columbia the population of Washington DC in 2021 is 690,345. Brimming with musical hotspots, museums, cafes, monuments, and bustling restaurants, DC is known for its cultural diversity. 

In case you are planning to move to Washington DC or have just begun your research, this article will go in-depth on the best neighborhoods in Washington DC. From climate to home prices and cost of living to property taxes we’ve covered it all so you don’t have to worry.

How’s the Washington DC Weather?

The climate of Washington DC is semi-continental as the summers are muggy and warm but the winters are snowy and extremely cold. Also, it’s partly cloudy throughout the year and the temperature varies from 29°F to 88°F. The minimum temperature is 17°F  and the maximum is 96°F.

Usually, June is the sunniest month in a year but the new climate normals are indicating that DC is getting warmer and precipitation is increasing during summers, however, snow is declining.

What’s the Cost of Living in Washington DC?

The national average cost of living in the US is 100 and for Washington DC it’s 152.1 which is higher than the national average. One needs to earn $80,273 annually to live comfortably in DC. It seems like living in the nation’s capital is quite expensive but it’s still an affordable place compared to cities like San Francisco, New York, and Boston.

How About Employment Opportunities In Washington DC?

The job market in Washington DC is versatile as it encompasses industries such as healthcare systems, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and technology services.

Currently, the unemployment rate in DC is 5.9% which means a total of 24000 people are unemployed as of now and the total number of employed residents in June 2021 was 377,400.

There are many sectors in Washington DC where the demand for jobs is increasing such as education, health, construction, mining, logging, leisure, hospitality, professional and business services. 

Considering the current landscape the job market in DC looks healthier than other similarly sized US metro areas. The average annual salary in Washington DC ranges from 26,200 USD, the minimum average to 462,000 USD, the maximum. 

Although, the nation’s capital has the slowest hiring process because the city has ample federal government jobs but it hosts a wealth of career opportunities in various areas.

What About Home Prices In Washington DC?

The Washington DC real estate market went crazy during the pandemic with skyrocketing home prices, buyers paying huge amounts of money to buy homes, and listings attracting thousands of bids. However, this crazy landscape has settled down over the summer and the average home value in DC is $637000.

What’s The Property Tax In Washington DC?

As far as the property tax is concerned, Washington DC residents have to pay one of the lowest taxes in the country because the average effective tax rate is only 0.56%. It’s far lower than the neighboring cities such as Philadelphia and Baltimore. However, the median real estate property tax payment in Washington DC is $3,647 which is higher in comparison to the national average.

Does Washington DC Have Good Healthcare?

Washington DC has the 20th best healthcare system in the country and the residents have plenty of options when it comes to healthcare. DC is the national center for medical and patient research with 16 medical centers and hospitals.

The average cost of personal health spending per capita in Washington DC is $10,349 which is higher than any other US state. DC has 2699 staffed beds and eight non-federal, short-term, acute-care hospitals. Also, there are 6151 physicians across the city among which 3,466 are specialty physicians and 2,685 are primary care physicians.

Approximately, 46% of DC residents have medical insurance through their employers, 24% are insured by Medicaid which is the highest in the country, 12% have medicare insurance, and 9% are insured with private insurers. Only 6% of DC residents don’t have medical insurance.

Which are the Best Neighborhoods in Washington DC to Live? 

Home to the most powerful men and women in the US the DC neighborhoods are chic and posh. Some of the Washington DC neighborhoods are popular for the lowest crime rates, beautiful architecture, amazing local amenities, great employment opportunities, historical monuments, and excellent public schools. Let’s explore the best ten neighborhoods in the US capital to live in:

1. Chinatown

Celebration of Asian culture and abundance of Asian restaurants are the two aspects for which this small and evolving DC neighborhood is known. The primary focus of Chinatown is tourism and business as you can find many tourist shops and restaurants while walking down a Chinatown street.

Moreover, due to the boom of high-tech business one can also find many computer technology companies. You can find fair deals on home prices as the Chinatown economy and housing market are growing.

Chinatown has an international vibe because businesses here label their names both in English and Chinese as it was once home to thousands of Chinese immigrants.

2. Georgetown

Georgetown is located in the northwest end of the city and is one of the most charming neighborhoods of Washington DC. Narrow cobblestone streets accompanied by large trees, cafes,  boutiques, wonderful restaurants, and Federal-style architecture makes the surroundings even more mesmerizing. 

Nestled along the Potomac River Georgetown is known as the oldest neighborhood in DC as it’s blessed with historical landmarks and buildings. Also, the houses here date back to the 18th and 19th century which gives you a feeling that you’re living in the early days of the nation’s founding.

Home to Georgetown University many powerful men and women of DC live in Georgetown making it one of the most prestigious and safest neighborhoods. 

In case you are a fan of jogging trails, steep hill streets, waterfront seafood spots, live music, and bustling atmosphere then Georgetown is the best neighborhood for you.

3. Logan Circle

Logan Circle is the trendiest neighborhood of DC because Duke Ellington,  the legendary leader of the jazz orchestra grew up here. The houses here are Victorian-style and authentic.

The residents of Logan Circle are made up of families and young professionals. It has an amazing safety rating which is why it has become the first choice of many residents. Logan Circle is served by The District of Columbia Public School System which includes well-known schools such as Garrison Elementary.

Logan Circle is a peace-loving place that’s far from the hectic pace of the rest of the DC. If history and calmness are something that excites you, Logan Circle should be definitely on your priority list.

4. Adams Morgan

Filled with entertainment and energy Adams Morgan is famous for its dining scene, cultural diversity, and nightlife. Situated in the northwest area of DC it is the best place for both young professionals and families. 

Adams Morgan is an ideal place for singles as one can find many bars,  Ethiopian, local Thai, and Middle Eastern restaurants, cafes, ethnic food spots, music venues. You’ll find something happening all the time which makes it the loudest and the most colorful neighborhood in DC.

Art galleries, vintage clothing stores, and chic dance clubs are the attractions in Adams Morgan. So, in case you are looking for a happening place to settle in Adams Morgan won’t disappoint you at all.

5. Capitol Hill

One of the oldest, largest, and most densely populated neighborhoods in DC Capitol Hill is the place where government and politics are most prominent. Capitol Hill is the home to the Capitol Building which houses the Senate, the United States Capitol, and Houses of Representatives of the Supreme Court.

The architecture of Capitol Hill is mesmerizing as it’s full of 19th-century manor houses, Federal townhouses, and rowhouses. The housing prices are higher in Capitol Hill as it’s home to prominent government officials.

Capitol Hill is blessed with historical monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. It’s the best place to live for families with school-going children as they can find popular public schools like Eastern High School, Stuart-Hobson Middle School, Brent Elementary School.

6. Foggy Bottom

Located near the Potomac River and in the middle of George Washington University campus this neighborhood gets pretty foggy and that’s why it’s called Foggy Bottom. Since it’s near to the university the vibe of this neighborhood is quite youthful. The best public school Without Walls High School is located in Foggy Bottom.

It’s full of retail and food attractions and is the ideal place for a day outdoors. You can find many local entertainment spots, shops, and restaurants in Foggy Bottom. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is also situated here where one can enjoy live music, dance, and theatre performances. The World Bank Building and the IMF Building are the two other major attractions of Foggy Bottom.

7. Forest Hills

Usually called Van Ness, Forest Hills is situated in the northeast area of DC and is a quiet suburban neighborhood close to the University of the District of Columbia. It has a modern and colonial-style architecture that attracts many residents. Forest Hills has an international charm because multiple embassies are located here.

Known for high safety rankings the home prices in Forest Hills are a bit expensive. If you are looking for an international essence in cuisine and shops along with a chill vibe then Forest Hills is the best place for you to settle down.

8. Navy Yard

A mixture of both old and new architecture, the Navy Yard neighborhood is located near the waterfront of the Potomac River. It’s situated in the south of the United States Capitol Building and is famous for sports and prime dining.

Navy Yard is the home to the Major League Soccer team D.C. United and the Major League Baseball Team the Washington Nationals. In case you are a fan of outdoor activities and water sports, Navy Yard is your dream place to live.

9. Bloomingdale 

Much like the rest of DC, Bloomingdale is made up of two-story condos, Victorian-style townhomes,  and single-family homes. It’s recognized as a historic district and is blessed with picturesque gardens and a lot of green space.

Coffee shops, Hip bars, and Big Bear Cafe in the town are the major attractions loved by the residents. Bloomingdale is situated near the United States Capitol Building and stretches for twelve blocks in the city. Also, it has the best beer garden in DC Dacha Beer Garden that’s open all year round. If you love Italian restaurants, beer, and pubs Bloomgindale is the perfect place for you.

10. U Street

U Street is located in the northwest of DC far away from the capital’s main draws but is blessed with historic monuments, amazing nightlife, lively restaurants, and local art. Also, here the 1922 Lincoln Theatre Duke Ellington performed once.

The inventor of the half-smoke (a half beef, half pork sausage) one of the oldest restaurants in DC Ben’s Chili Bowl is located in U Street. Along the U Street corridor, you’ll find a rich music culture as it’s bustling with a variety of cinemas and live jazz venues. In case you enjoy jazz, U Street is worth checking out.

The Final Say

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