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Why Choose 14th Street Capital for Hard Money Loans in Washington DC

Fast Approvals and Short Closing Times

Our team at 14th Street Capital understands the value of quick closing when investing in competitive real estate markets such as Washington DC. With loan pre-approvals taking place in under 24 hours and closing times in a matter of weeks instead of months as in the case of conventional loans, our hard money loan offerings allow you to close deals faster. Faster processing so that you don’t miss out on the deal of your choice.

Lending on a Case-to-Case Basis

We understand that every real estate investment is unique and thus instead of following strict guidelines, we have a flexible underwriting process. By catering to the lending requirements of experienced and first-time investors alike, we make sure that our loan offering matches the project. Instead of following a predetermined loan template, our flexible underwriting process we offer tailored loan offerings on a case-to-case basis.

Minimal Documentation

At 14th Street Capital, we believe in simplifying the loan application process for our customers. We have eliminated all the hoops so that you can simply apply for the loan you need, with minimal documentation requirements and zero hidden fees.

Local Expertise and Unparalleled Support

With lending for investors and by investors, we at 14th Street Capital understand the intricacies of real estate investing in Washington DC. As real estate investors ourselves, we provide expert advice throughout the lending process to help you succeed in your venture.

Washington DC Hard Money Lending

Loan Highlights

Washington DC

The Local Advantage

As private lenders who have complete control over our own funds, loan pre-qualification takes place in a matter of hours. With 100% asset backed loans, you do not have to worry about your personal creditworthiness when applying for a hard money loan. 

No credit score checks, no income proof required. All you need is a plan for ensuring profitability of your real estate investment and down payment to showcase that you have teeth in the game, and that’s it. 

Customer Focused Approach In Hard Money Lending

Being real estate investors ourselves, we understand the value of relationships in real estate lending. With our focus on customer service and transparent and straightforward lending process, our relationship focused approach is the secret sauce that sets us apart from other hard money lenders.

Hard Money Lenders Washington DC

Flexible Hard Money Loans Designed to Help You Succeed

The real estate market in the District of Columbia is highly competitive. Hard money loans give you fast access to the funds you need to invest in real estate. 

Whether you are looking for a short term loan to fix and flip a distressed property or are planning to buy and hold a rental property, our flexible loan offerings give you access to the cash you need to succeed in Washington DC’s real estate market. 

Wide Range of Hard Money Loan Offerings for Washington DC Real Estate Investors

Short term funding for both acquisition and rehab of properties in Washington DC.

Long term hard money loans for you to start building your rental portfolio in Washington DC.

Cash Out Refinance

Leverage your existing asset to get capital for your next real estate investment project.