Pennsylvania Private Hard Money Lenders

Hard money loans secured by equities for non-owner occupied assets in Pennsylvania’s top real estate markets.

Hard Money Loan Advantage For Real Estate Investors In Pennsylvania

Fast access to funds

One of the most significant benefits of the 14th Street Capital hard money loan is the quickness with which the loan is approved and funded. In many circumstances, a hard money loan can be approved in as little as one day. Approval will most likely be obtained as long as everything appears reasonable and we work hard to ensure that you don't miss out on great opportunities in Pennsylvania's competitive real estate market.

Minimal documentation needed

Because there is little underwriting involved in the loan approval process, the number of documents you must submit and the formalities you must complete when taking out a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital is minimal. The lending procedure has been streamlined, with minimal documentation required.

No prepayment penalties

Because hard money loans are primarily short-term loans, there are no penalties for paying them off early. There is no prepayment penalty when you take out a short-term hard money loan like a fix and flip loan, unlike traditional lending sources that charge penalty costs if you pay ahead of schedule. This allows you to finish the loan on time and get started on your next investment project right away.

Funding for diverse real estate needs

For investors trying to fix and flip properties for a profit, conventional loans are frequently unavailable. Such transactions are inherently dangerous, and they fail to pass the tight criteria and regulations that banks must follow. Investors wishing to buy distressed properties to flip for profit or renovate before renting them out should check into hard money lenders.

Pennsylvania Hard Money Lending

Hard Money Loan Highlights

Why Choose 14th Street Capital For Hard Money Loans In Pennsylvania

Fast loan approvals

Hard money loans from 14th Street Capital enable you to participate in the real estate deals of your choosing in Pennsylvania, with loan approvals occurring in a matter of days and financing arriving in a matter of weeks.

Flexible lending

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned investor, When it comes to investing in Pennsylvania's real estate markets, our flexible lending requirements work best in the borrower's favor. You can get a hard money loan regardless of your credit or work history.

Local expertise

We have first hand expertise investing in Pennsylvania real estate markets at 14th Street Capital. As a result, our team is the knowledge bank you'll need to succeed in your venture.

In-house underwriting

We lend our own money at 14th Street Capital, which allows us to have a more flexible in-house underwriting procedure. This allows investors in Pennsylvania's real estate marketplaces to receive funds faster.

An approach centered on the customer

With the in-depth knowledge of Pennsylvania's real estate markets, we take pleasure in keeping our customers' best interests in mind at all times. Our team is completely committed to providing the best service possible. With the financial part taken care of, you can concentrate on making money from your real estate assets.

Competitive interest rates

When it comes to funding your real estate investments in Pennsylvania, we provide the finest interest rates on the market for hard money loans. Get the cash you need at a competitive interest rate to realize your dreams in Pennsylvania's real estate markets.


The Local Advantage

In 14th Street capital’s network of hard money lenders in Pennsylvania, you can be assured that every lender in our network has been thoroughly vetted. We are in a spot to get you the right lender who is armed with the expertise for the area of the state you’re looking to invest in and the particular property type that you’re interested in purchasing because 14th Street Capital has built such a large network of lenders providing hard money loans for the Pennsylvania real estate market.

Another reason 14th Street capital is the best way to find hard money lenders in Pennsylvania is that we only add new lenders to our network after properly verifying them, which includes looking at their history, financial situation, lending procedures, leadership team, and a variety of other aspects. Only those companies that met our criteria were accepted into the 14th Street capital network of Pennsylvania hard money lenders.

Pennsylvania is a viable property investment market, and if you’re looking for hard money loans in Pennsylvania, the fastest and most efficient way to do so might be through the 14th Street capital, which connects you with our wide network of hard money lenders in the state.

Hard Money Lending Areas We Cover In Pennsylvania

Choose From Our Wide Range of Hard Money Loan Offerings for Pennsylvania

For house flippers looking to buy a fixer-upper in Pennsylvania to remodel and resell. There is also hard money to refinance loans accessible.

For stabilized rental properties, long-term rental loans are available. Ideal for investors looking to purchase a rental home. Designed for long-term investors that buy and hold rental properties.

Landlord loans are for real estate investors who want to supplement their income by renting out their properties.

FAQs For Choosing A Hard Money Lender In Pennsylvania

1. What are Pennsylvania real estate hard money loans?

Pennsylvania property hard money loans are asset-backed, short-term real estate financing loans. Let's have a look at what each of these terms entails. When we state short-term hard money loans in Pennsylvania, that means, unlike regular loans, which are often designed for payback over 15 or 30 years, hard money lenders for Pennsylvania property investment are much more flexible and will generally offer funds for a few months to a maximum of a few years. And when we say asset-backed, we're referring to loans that are backed by the real estate itself. Since hard money lenders in Pennsylvania utilize the assets as collateral to protect their loan as part of their credit decision, they will often only lend up to a particular percentage of the property's worth - usually no more than 75 percent.

3. Who can apply for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital?

If you're a novice or seasoned real estate investor in need of fast financing for your investments in Pennsylvania's real estate markets, 14th Street Capital can help.

5. How can one apply for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital?

Our loan procedure is rather simple. Our in-house underwriters will assess the property appraisal once you complete the application form, and our staff will contact you to discuss the loan offer. We employ a customized approach for each borrower because each real estate investment is unique.

7. In Pennsylvania, where does 14th Street Capital lend?

14th Street Capital provides financing in all of Pennsylvania's major real estate markets.

9. What documents should I attach to my application?

The documentation required to obtain a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital is low. The papers referring to the property appraisal, as well as your plan for capitalizing on your investment, are all that is required because the loan offer is based on the property valuation.

2. Why Should You Use Hard Money Lenders in Pennsylvania?

Hard money loans for Pennsylvania projects might be an ideal source of funding for investors searching for short-term funds to invest in Pennsylvania real estate – for example, if they want to fix and flip homes. This is because, unlike their traditional mortgage-industry rivals, these lenders can make financing decisions and get required funds into borrowers' hands much faster. As a result, we believe that hard money lenders in Pennsylvania may be the most cost-effective option for obtaining fix and flip, purchase to rent, refinance, bridge, fix to rent, and commercial investment real estate financing.

4. Who is eligible for a 14th Street Capital hard money loan?

Regardless of their credit history, 14th Street Capital offers hard money loans to novice and experienced real estate investors in need of quick funding while investing in Pennsylvania's real estate marketplaces.

6. What is the maximum LTV to qualify?

The loan to value ratio offered by 14th Street Capital is 60-70 percent of the property value.

8. How quickly can I close while taking out a hard money loan?

The loan closing process for a self-funded hard money lender in Pennsylvania is extremely quick. Loan approvals usually happen within a few days, with funds transferred a week afterward. A hard money loan with 14th Street Capital typically takes 7-10 days to close.

10. What is the interest rate on 14th Street Capital's hard money loans?

The interest rates for hard money loans are custom-made for each borrower. Our rates, on the other hand, are among the most competitive among Pennsylvania hard money lenders.