Private Hard Money Lenders in Montana

Fast and flexible alternate financing to meet your capital requirements in Montana’s real estate markets including Missoula, Bozeman, Billings, Flathead Valley, Whitefish, Helena, Kalispell and other metropolitan areas of Montana. You could potentially close in less than a week.

Montana Hard Money Lender

Hard Money Loans For a Variety of Investment Needs

Whether you are looking to buy and hold a rental property in Montana or are interested in fixing and flipping houses for profit, 14th Street Capital offers a diverse range of hard money loan offerings, making it the go-to solution for all your real estate investment needs. 

Here are some of the funding options that you can choose from.

Fix and Flip Loans Montana

Fast and flexible financing option for purchasing a fixer upper in Montana to carry out repairs on non owner occupied properties, rehab and resell for profit. 

  • Interest rates starting at 7.49%.
  • Loan from 3 to 24 months.
  • Loan to value 80% of ARV.
  • Loan to cost 85%.
  • Loan amount starting from $100,000.
  • Experience and credit score no bar.
  • Time to close – 5 to 10 days.

Rental Loans Montana

Bespoke long term loan offering tailored to your needs for purchasing, renovating and renting out single and multifamily rental units in Montana.

  • Interest rates starting at 5.8%.
  • 30 year fixed rate loans.
  • Loan to value 85%.
  • Interest only loan offerings available.
  • 5/1 and 7/1 ARM.
  • 3-5 year prepayment options.
  • 1.00 to 3.00% origination points.

The Local Montana Advantage

14th Street Capital is a direct private hard money lender specializing in fast and flexible mortgage solutions for Montana real estate investors. With our competitive interest rates and personalized hard money loan offerings, we align ourselves with our clients for success in their investment ventures in Montana.

Why Choose 14th Street Capital For Hard Money Loans?

Fast Loan Processing

Hard money loans from 14th Street Capital get approved in a matter of days to weeks, unlike conventional lenders who can take months for the loan processing. We understand that time is of essence and make sure that you don’t miss out on deals in Montana’s competitive real estate market.

Transparent Lending Process

We have eliminated all the hoops for loan approval, making the process as seamless as possible. With minimum documentation requirements and transparent lending process, we make it easier for you to get closer to your dream of investing in Montana’s real estate market.

Relationship Based Lending

When you choose hard money loans from 14th Street Capital, you are dealing with individuals invested in your success rather than corporations. Relationship based lending gives you access to competitive interest rates at lower origination points when funding subsequent real estate investments in Montana.

Customer First Approach

With local expertise in Montana’s real estate markets, we pride ourselves in keeping the interests of customers in focus at all stages. Our team puts utmost levels of dedication on delivering the highest levels of service. With the funding aspect taken care of, you can focus on generating profit through your real estate investments.

Competitive Interest Rates

We offer the best in market interest rates for hard money loans when funding your real estate investments in the state of Montana. Get access to the funding you need at competitive interest rates to fulfil your aspirations in Montana’s real estate markets.

Minimal Documentation Requirements

With minimal underwriting involved in the loan approval process, the number of documents you need to submit and formalities you need to complete when taking a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital are the lowest. Streamlined lending process with minimal documentation requirements.

Path To New Opportunities

Hard Money Loans In Montana

The real estate markets in Montana are seeing a huge upward surge in demand recently. The cost of housing in all metropolitan areas of Montana have risen steeply over the past year. This increase in prices has been fueled by a huge increase in demand and limited inventory availability, making the real estate market in Montana a very competitive one. 

In the competitive market scenario of Montana, hard money loans can give you the much needed boost to succeed. With increased flexibility, shorter closing times and flexible lending process, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital can be your path to new opportunities in Montana’s real estate market.

Driving Factors for Montana’s Real Estate Markets

  • Strong Local Economy – Montana’s unemployment rates are lower than the country average while GDP remains higher than the national average, indicative of strong local economy backing up the rise in real estate growth. 
  • Booming Housing Market – High demand, limited inventory and continuously rising real estate prices are driving the housing market in Montana higher. 
  • Favorable Rental Market – The rents in Montana’s highly populated cities remains affordable but is seeing a steady year on year increase sustaining the demand for rental units. 
  • Robust Employment opportunities – Montana boasts of strong jobs and stable infrastructure. With its abundance of natural resources and touristic attraction in the form of natural parks.

Montana Areas Covered and Markets Served

Asset Based Lending

With loans based on hard assets, i.e. the property itself, getting a hard money loan for investing in Montana real estate overcomes the shortcomings of pre-defined eligibility criteria. Real estate investors can qualify for hard money financing despite having low credit scores, being self employed or having a history of foreclosures.

Individualized Approach

Private hard money lenders understand that each real estate investment is unique and has different funding requirements. The loan offering too needs to be customized on a case to case basis. Hard money loans move away from the one-size-fits-all approach and offer customization based on the borrower’s requirements.

Local Expertise

Hard money lenders aren’t just a source of funding, but they are also local real estate experts. Partnering with a hard money lender based out of Montana who specializes in the knowledge of metropolitan areas like Billings, Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls, Flathead Valley, Helena, Kalispell, Whitefish can give you the much needed local insights.

FAQs For Choosing A Hard Money Lender In Montana

Why should I opt for a hard money loan?

Hard money loans in Montana offer a multitude of advantages for real estate investors looking for fast and flexible financing for meeting their investment needs.

Since hard money lenders do not have to conform to the conventional underwriting requirements, the timeline of loan approval is significantly accelerated.

Hard money lenders also provide financing for riskier real estate projects in Montana such as purchase and rehab of properties for a fix and flip.

The amount of the loan for such distressed properties is based on the after-repair value (ARV) which lets the borrower access greater capital than what would be available through conventional financing options.

How long does it take 14th Street Capital to close a loan?

Loan approvals at 14th Street Capital come through in a couple of days after the application is received. It takes about a week from the loan approval to close the loan and funding to go through.

Typically it takes somewhere between 7 to 10 days for us to close a hard money loan in Montana. We’ve closed loans even sooner in the past and continue to strive to keep our closing time minimum.

Can I get a hard money loan if I am self employed or have a low credit score?

14th Street Capital uses the property value as the basis for approving hard money loans in Montana. A borrower without documented income, or who is self-employed can qualify for a loan if the property is projected to have adequate cash flow after repairs.

High credit score is also not a requirement for qualifying for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital. We also work with investors facing specific credit issues such as foreclosures, bankruptcy or late mortgage payments.

Which markets do you offer hard money loans in?

14th Street Capital is a leading private hard money lender in Montana. We offer asset-backed lending in all Montana’s leading real estate markets including Missoula, Bozeman and Billings.

How are the origination fees calculated?

Depending on the loan amount, type of loan, experience of the investor and loan term, the origination fees vary between 1-3%. Borrowers who have transaction history and an existing relationship with 14th Street Capital are entitled to hard money loans in Montana at lower origination points.

What is the term duration of a hard money loan in Montana?

14th Street Capital offers both short term and long term hard money loans for real estate investors in Montana. Short term loans like fix and flip loans generally have a term of 1-3 years.

Loans for longer term investors such as rental loans are available for a term of 30 years. We also offer interest-only loans depending on the property type.

What are the requirements to qualify for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital?

Hard money loan approvals by 14th Street Capital are based on the asset you are purchasing rather than your individual creditworthiness.

All non-owner occupied properties are eligible for availing a hard money loan in the state of Montana. All you need is the down payment and sufficient cash reserves to show that you are invested in the project and you can easily qualify for a hard money loan.

How will my loan amount be determined?

We follow a tailored approach to every loan application to determine the loan amount that would be approved, the interest rate that would be levied and the origination points that would be applicable.

The loan amount would not exceed 80 percent of the loan-to-value (LTV) amount or 75 percent of the after-repair value.

Can I qualify for a hard money loan as a first time investor?

14th Street Capital gives out its hard money offering to both beginner as well as seasoned investors in Montana. Prior experience in real estate investments is not a requirement for qualification.

However, experienced investors and those with a relationship history with 14th Street Capital are entitled to competitive interest rates from us.

Do I need to get the property appraised when getting a hard money loan?

For asset based lending, the property acts as a collateral which requires an appraisal. Our in-house team of underwriters handle the appraisal process so that you don’t have to worry about documenting the same.

Can I get a hard money loan even if I have another mortgage?

Our hard money loan offerings are based on the value of the asset, i.e. the investment property. We do not have a limit on the number of mortgage loans you can have. You just need to have the equity to meet the down payment requirements and show that have skin in the game along with a plan to generate profit from your investment and can get a hard money loan in Montana.