Hard Money Lenders for Real Estate Investments in Missoula, Montana

Trusted name in hard money lending space for real estate investments in Missoula, MT. Quick and hassle free hard money loans to help you realise your real estate dreams.

Why Choose 14th Street Capital as your Hard Money Lender in Missoula, MT

Local Expertise

As private lenders with experience as real estate investors ourselves, we understand the requirements and challenges of investing in Missoula’s competitive real estate market. When you choose 14th Street Capital as your hard money lender, you also get access to a goldmine of resources that can help you navigate through the thins and thicks of your investment, get you the best deals and connect you with the right people and contractors you need to succeed.

Competitive Rates

The interest rates for hard money loans are significantly higher than conventional bank loans. We understand the difference competitive interest rates can have on your investments. Instead of following a templated approach, we treat each real estate project as a unique opportunity. At 14th Street Capital, we strive to take a nuanced approach and offer you the best in market interest rates for your project.

Relationship Focus

We strongly believe that relationship based lending is the key to ultimate success in the real estate industry. This is the reason you will always have the best terms offered to you whether you are a first-time or an experienced investor. At 14th Street Capital, you get access to a vast knowledge base of local real estate experts. Additionally, repeat investors are eligible for lower interest rates and lower origination points when they do business with us.

Minimal Documentation

At 14th Street Capital, we firmly believe that getting a loan for real estate investment should be a hassle free process. Our asset backed loan offerings cut down on the formalities of documentation. Borrowers do not have to submit income proofs, salary slips, credit history or documents proving income/debt ratio when availing our loans. A transparent lending process with minimum documentation requirements to make investing in real estate easier for all.

Hard Money Loans Advantage for Investors in Missoula, Montana

Fast Access to Funding

Whether it is funding for residential or commercial projects, time is of the essence in real estate investments.

While conventional lenders can take up to 3-4 months to approve the loan, in an already competitive market, it will likely result in you missing out on the opportunity. Hard money lenders in Missoula can get you access to the funds you need in the shortest possible time.

With loan approvals and pre qualifications happening in a matter of days and closing times as low as a week, hard money loans will ensure that you don’t miss out on the property you have your eyes on.

Asset Backed Loan Offerings

Unlike conventional loans in which your personal creditworthiness plays a huge role in determining whether you qualify for a loan or not, hard money loans use the property as collateral for loan approvals.

Asset backed hard money loan offerings empower real estate investors to take up challenging projects in Missoula. All you need is do is furnish down payment from your end to demonstrate that you have teeth in the game and flexible eligibility requirements of hard money lenders ensure that you can gear up to fulfil your dream project.

Wide Range of Lending Options

Whether you are looking for a loan to fund the purchase of an investment property, avail a short term loan for undertaking a fix-and-flip project or are looking to get a longer loan for building a rental portfolio in the city of Missoula, hard money loans can cater to all your requirements. With a wide range of loan options to choose from, attractive terms and flexible guidelines, hard money lenders are the one stop solution for all your capital requirements.

Hard Money Lender in Missoula, MT

Investing in Missoula’s Real Estate Market

Residential home sales in Montana have continued to push upward. Real estate professionals, housing advocates and economists have observed fundamental changes to the state’s housing market and the upward trend is forecasted to grow in the future as well.

With the property inventory shrinking, the competition to close real estate deals is at its fiercest in the last 20 years. 

Low inventory levels and steeply rising property prices fuelled by out-of-state investors flocking over to Montana has contributed to the highly competitive market in Missoula, MT. How can investors close the deal of their dreams in such a competitive landscape?

Enter hard money loans and the industry leading hard money lenders in Montana, 14th Street Capital!

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Montana including:

Wide Range of Loan Offerings for Missoula Real Estate Investors

Build a rental portfolio in Missoula with long-term rental hard money loans. Flexible amortization options for including refinance and cash-out.

Short term loans for non-owner occupied properties. Purchase and rehab costs of distressed properties in Missoula covered. 

Long term mortgages and hard money loans for landlords that covers buy-to-rent, refinance and renovation of rental properties in Missoula.