Private Hard Money Lenders in Bozeman, Montana

Alternate financing for fuelling your real estate ambitions through purchase, rehab and/or renting non-owner occupied housing. Fast, easy and reliable hard money loans for your next real estate project in Bozeman, Montana.

Hard Money Lending in Bozeman, Montana

Loan Highlights

The Local Advantage

Reasons to Choose 14th Street Capital as your Hard Money Lender in Bozeman, MT

Local Expertise

With first-hand experience as real estate investors and in-depth knowledge of Bozeman’s real estate market, getting a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital, the preferred hard money lender in Montana, not only gives you the funds you need, it also gives you access to a rich repository of resources you need to succeed in today’s competitive real estate market.

Customer Focus

Whether you are a first time investor or a veteran in the real estate investing space, at 14th Street Capital, customers are our primary focus. First-time investors get access to the resources they need to succeed while repeat investors are eligible to get hard money loans at more competitive interest rates and lower origination fees.

Relationship Based Lending

At 14th Street Capital, we prioritize relationships over profits. With a relationship based lending approach, every application is evaluated as per its own merits. Rather than following templated guidelines, we work with investors to come up with the best offering for every real estate investment. Repeat investors get access to even better terms.

Hard Money Lenders in Montana

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital, leading hard money lender in Montana, gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Montana including:

Why Choose a Hard Money Loan for Investing in Bozeman, MT?

Fast Access to Funding

Getting a loan from conventional lenders can easily take up months of your time. For modern day investors, such huge time lags means missed investment opportunities. With hard money loans, approvals happen in a matter of days and you get access to the capital you need in under a couple of weeks. Never miss out on a good deal in Bozeman with hard money loans.

Minimum Credit Score Eliminated

Banks and credit unions conduct stringent checks on your credit history and have strict credit score requirements. You can take a hard money loan even with a bad credit score, high debt-income ratio, previous history of foreclosures or being self employed. Don’t let personal creditworthiness come in the way of fulfilling your real estate dreams in Bozeman.

Flexible Guidelines

Unlike a fixed criteria set out by the banks that involves a rigid and time consuming underwriting process, hard money lenders have flexible guidelines for loan approvals. A flexible underwriting process can help you close loans quickly and focus on profiting from your real estate investments in Bozeman, Montana.

Easy Qualification Criteria

Hard money lenders take into consideration the property value and the ability to capitalize on a promising market to approve a loan. With the investment property acting as collateral, the qualification criteria don’t end up being too rigid. As lenders take an individualized approach, qualifying for a hard money loan in Bozeman is much easier than a conventional one.

Hard money loan offerings for a range of real estate investments in Bozeman, MT

Build a rental portfolio in Bozeman with long-term rental hard money loans from 14th Street Capital. Flexible amortization options for refinancing and cash-out.

Short term loans from 14th Street Capital for non-owner occupied properties. Purchase and rehab costs of distressed properties in Bozeman covered.

Long term mortgages and hard money loans for landlords that covers buy-to-rent, refinance and renovation of rental properties in Bozeman.