Hard Money Lenders for Real Estate Investing in Billings, Montana

Trusted private lenders for getting hard money loans for non owner occupied residential properties in Billings, MT.

Trusted Hard Money Lender In Billings, Montana

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14th Street Capital

14th Street Capital is an industry leading hard money lender in Montana, offering direct hard money loans, empowering you to fulfil your real estate dreams in the city of Billings, Montana.

As real estate investors ourselves, we offer easy and fast financing irrespective of your credit score and past investment history.

When you choose 14th Street Capital as your local hard money lenders, you not only get the funds but also get access to a rich repository of local knowledge to help you succeed in your investments.

Hard Money Lending in Billings, MT

Loan Highlights

The Local Advantage

Get The 14th Street Capital Edge For Hard Money Loans In Billings, MT


With loan approvals and pre-qualifications happening in under 24 hours and closing time in a matter of weeks, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital empower you to close the deal you have your eyes on, without losing to the competition.


Getting a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital does not require a lengthy loan application process and documentation. Our simple and straightforward approach and minimal documentation requirements allow you to focus on your project, while we make the funds come through.


Transparency in lending is one of our prime drivers at 14th Street Capital so you never have to be worried about unwritten terms or hidden fees. With a streamlined lending process that eliminates all the unnecessary loops, we aim to make investing in real estate easier for our clients.

Relationship Focus

With a relationship based lending approach, every application is evaluated as per its own merits. Rather than following templated guidelines, we work with investors to come up with the best offering for every real estate investment. Repeat investors get access to even better terms.

Competitive Lending

Hard money loan offerings come at higher interest rates than conventional loans. However, our competitive, best-in-market rates make sure that you can focus on profiting from your investments. Invest in real estate without burning a hole through your pockets with hard money loans from 14th Street Capital.

Local Expertise

When you choose 14th Street Capital as your hard money lender, you also get access to a goldmine of resources that can help you navigate through the thins and thicks of your investment, get you the best deals and connect you with the right people and contractors you need to succeed.

Hard Money Lenders in Montana

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Montana including:

Wide Range of Hard Money Loan Offerings in Billings, Montana

Short Term Funding Requirements at Competitive Rates

Short term loans for non-owner occupied properties. Purchase and rehab costs of distressed properties in Billings, MT covered.

Build a rental portfolio in Billings with long-term rental hard money loans. Flexible amortization options for refinancing and cash-out.

Long term mortgages and hard money loans for landlords that covers buy-to-rent, refinance and renovation of rental properties in Billings, MT.