Maryland Hard Money Lenders For Real Estate Investors

Hard money loans secured by equities for non-owner occupied assets in Maryland’s top real estate markets.

Hard Money Loan Advantage For Real Estate Investors In Maryland

Fast access to funds

The speed with which the 14th Street Capital hard money loan is accepted and financed is among the most inherent benefits. A hard money loan can be granted in as little as one day in many cases. Approval is likely to be received as long as everything appears fair, and we strive effectively to guarantee that you don't miss out on exceptional real estate prospects in Maryland's competitive market.

Minimal documentation needed

The quantity of paperwork you must submit and formalities you must complete when taking out a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital is limited because there is little underwriting involved in the loan approval process. The financing process has been simplified, and only the most basic documents are necessary.

No prepayment penalties

There are no repercussions for paying off hard money loans prematurely because they are typically short-term loans. Once you take out a short-term hard money loan, there are no prepayment penalties, unlike standard lending sources, which incur penalty fees if you repay ahead of time. This enables you to complete the loan on time and immediately begin your next investment project.

Funding for diverse real estate needs

Conventional financing is often inaccessible to investors who want to restore and resell buildings for profit. Inherently risky, these transactions do not ask you to follow the strict standards and regulations that banks adhere to. Investors interested in purchasing distressed properties to resell or refurbish before renting them out should seek hard money lenders.

Maryland Hard Money Lending

Hard Money Loan Highlights

Why Choose 14th Street Capital For Hard Money Loans In Maryland

Fast loan approvals

Hard money loans from 14th Street Capital pre-approvals are issued in as little as 48-72 hours, and funding can be completed in as little as a week to a few.

Flexible lending

Even if you're a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, our flexible lending standards can benefit both you and your investment in Maryland's real estate markets. Even if you have bad credit or no previous employment history, you can still acquire a hard money loan.

Local funding expertise

We're one of the best hard money lenders in Maryland, and we've got our feet on the ground in the local market to ensure that your recovery goes well.

In-house loan underwriting

We lend our own money at 14th Street Capital, so rather than focusing on your credit or income, our customized underwriting standards are focused on the potential of your offer.

Borrower-centric process

With the in-depth knowledge of Maryland's real estate markets, we are always keeping our commitments and treating consumers as valued business.You can focus on making money from real estate without hiccups thanks to the Maryland specialists on our team.

Competitive interest rates

When it comes to funding your real estate investments in Maryland, we provide the finest interest rates on the market for hard money loans. Get the cash you need at a competitive interest rate to realize your dreams in Maryland's real estate markets.


The Local Advantage

We are more than just hard money lenders at 14th Street Capital because we have vast experience investing in the Maryland real estate market.

You may rest confident that every lender in 14th Street Capital’s network of hard money lenders in Maryland has been thoroughly vetted. Because 14th Street Capital has built such a large network of lenders providing hard money loans for the Maryland real estate market, we are in a position to find you the right lender with the expertise for the area of the state you’re looking to invest in and the specific property type you’re interested in purchasing.

Another reason 14th Street Capital is the ideal place to locate hard money lenders in Maryland is that we only add new lenders to our network after thoroughly evaluating their history, financial status, lending procedures, leadership team, and other factors. The 14th Street Capital network of Maryland hard money lenders accepted only those businesses that matched our requirements.

Maryland is a viable property investment market, and if you’re looking for hard money loans in Maryland, the quickest and most efficient method to do so might be through 14th Street Capital, which connects you with our extensive network of hard money lenders throughout the state.

Hard Money Lending Areas We Cover In Maryland

Wide Range of Hard Money Loan Offerings for Maryland Real Estate Investors

For house flippers in Maryland who want to acquire a fixer-upper and then remodel and resell it. Refinancing a loan using hard money is also an option.

Long-term rental loans are offered for properties that have been rented out. Rental loans are ideal for long-term investors.Ideal for investors looking to purchase a rental home. This type of property is best fit for investors who want to buy and hold the rental units.

The goal of a landlord loan is to make it easier for property investors to earn extra money by renting out their properties.

FAQs For Choosing A Hard Money Lender In Maryland

1. What types of hard money loans do we specialize in in Maryland?

We provide our borrowers with amazing freedom as long as our financing is used to finance a non-owner-occupied property. Fix-and-flip loans, buy-and-hold loans for ambitious landlords, and hard money refinance loans are all available through us. We provide a non-recourse loan option to those with type-A personalities who wish to be in charge of their retirement investment strategy. We provide transactional funding, bridging loans, and cross-collateralization solutions to those seeking short-term funds. We also have the ability to handle any type of situation, no matter how unique it is, because we lend our own capital.

3. Who is eligible for a 14th Street Capital hard money loan?

We work with seasoned real estate investors as well as those who are just getting started. In fact, we are one of Maryland's few private hard money lenders, and we don't require any prior financial experience. We also don't verify our borrowers' income and don't require a minimum credit score. Though it's not uncommon for us to finance the entire purchase price, we do demand our borrowers to provide some funds. Such a contribution reflects the borrower's financial management skills and dedication to the deal.

6. In Maryland, where does 14th Street Capital lend?

14th Street Capital provides financing in all of Maryland's major real estate markets.

8. What documents should I attach to my application?

The paperwork needed to get a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital is minimal. Because the loan offer is based on the property valuation, only the paperwork related to the property appraisal and your plan for capitalizing on your investment are necessary.

2. Who can apply for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital?

If you're a novice or seasoned real estate investor in need of fast financing for your investments in Maryland's real estate markets, 14th Street Capital can help.

4. How can one apply for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital?

We lend our own money and make working with us simple. We will determine your budget and discuss the types of properties you are interested in throughout the process. It's a great time to think about your abilities as an investor and devise a plan for finding the suitable investment property for you. We employ a customized approach for each borrower because each real estate investment is unique.

5. What is the maximum LTV to qualify?

The loan to value ratio is 60-70% of the property value offered by 14th Street Capital.

7. How quickly can I close while taking out a hard money loan?

The loan closing process for a self-funded hard money lender in Maryland is extremely quick. Loan approvals usually happen within a few days, with funds transferred a week afterward. A hard money loan with 14th Street Capital typically takes 7-10 days to close.

9. What is the interest rate on the hard money loans made by 14th Street Capital?

Hard money loan interest rates are tailored to the specific needs of each borrower. On the other hand, our prices are among the most affordable among Maryland hard money lenders.