Hard Money Lenders for Building Your Real Estate Portfolio in Georgia

Get access to fast and flexible funding solutions for investing in the booming real estate market in the State of Georgia.

The 14th Street Advantage for Hard Money Loans in Georgia

Fast Loan Processing

With loan pre qualifications taking place under 24 hours and average loan approvals timeline between 7 to 10 days, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital make investing in Georgia’s real estate market easier and ensure that you don’t miss out on the deal you have sights on because of delays in loan approvals.

Competitive Interest Rates

It’s no secret that hard money loans have higher interest rates than conventional loans from banks and other traditional lenders. However, that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pockets either. At 14th Street Capital, we offer competitive interest rates and origination points so that you can maximize your profits from real estate investments in Georgia.

Lenders with Local Expertise

To succeed in Georgia’s competitive real estate market, simply getting the funding is not enough. Our team at 14th Street Capital gives you valuable insights and helps you in forging the relationships with local contractors that will help you succeed in the long run when investing in the state of Georgia.

Asset Backed Funding

Worried about qualifying for a loan with a less than perfect credit score? Hard money loan offerings from 14th Street Capital do not take personal creditworthiness into account when approving a loan. With the property itself serving as collateral for hard money loans, your income history, previous debts, foreclosures etc. do not factor in.

Transparent Lending Process

Leave behind worries about convoluted terms or hidden fees when you apply for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital. With transparency in the loan process as one of our core values, our simplified lending process ensures that you do not have to jump through multiple hoops to get a loan for investing in Georgia’s real estate market.

Relationship Focus

Whether you are a first time real estate investor or are an expert in the field, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital fulfil the requirements of both equally. With customer relationships in focus, repeat investors are eligible to get lower interest rates and lower origination points when they apply for subsequent loans with 14th Street Capital.


Fast Loan Approvals With Short Funding Timelines

Georgia’s real estate market is currently booming. The relatively lower prices of real estate in Georgia and availability of inventory is driving investors towards Georgia’s real estate markets. 

Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia is a red hot market which has been included among the top 20 best real estate investment markets in the nation for many years in a row. 

Emerging as a strong residential and multifamily real estate market in the near future, and industry and demographic changes propelling the markets forward, hard money lenders offer flexible financing with the agility you need to succeed in the real estate market of Georgia.

Georgia Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Georgia including:

Hard Money Loan Offerings for a Variety of Investment Needs in Georgia

Looking to purchase a distressed property in Georgia, conduct the repairs and sell it for profit? 

Fix and Flip loans from 14th Street Capital offer complete purchase to rehab funding for projects that do not qualify for traditional loans and mortgages.

Get long term financing at attractive interest rates and flexible lending terms for building your rental portfolio in Georgia. Rental loans from 14th Street Capital cover purchase, refinance and cash out funding so that you can grow your real estate portfolio with ease.

Competitive long term financing and mortgages for landlords looking to grow their rental portfolio in the state of Georgia. Whether you are looking to buy-to-rent, conduct a rehab of the rental property or refinance existing loans, landlord loans from 14th Street Capital can help you get the funds you need.

FAQs For Choosing Hard Money Lenders In Goergia

1. Why should I opt for a hard money loan over conventional loan?

Hard money loans are backed by a hard asset, i.e. the property in the form of collateral. This makes it easier to qualify for a hard money loan than a conventional loan. Thus if you are a real estate investor in Georgia that has a history of foreclosures, recent bankruptcy, are self employed or have less than perfect credit history, hard money loans are a perfect fit for you. Additionally, if you are investing in a property in demand and need funding to go through as quickly as possible without much red tape, hard money lenders in Georgia are the right people to approach since the funding will come through in a matter of days as opposed to months in case of conventional loans.

3. Why should I choose 14th Street Capital for hard money loans in Georgia?

Getting a hard money loan from 14th Street offers you three primary benefits:

  • Competitive interest rates and tailored loan offerings
  • Ability to close quickly and fast funding disbursal
  • Local expertise in the state of Georgia
While there are many Hard money lenders that claim to offer best rates or lowest rates, there are no hidden fees associated with hard money loans taken from 14th Street Capital, making our rates best in class available. With loan approvals and qualifications taking place in a matter of days, choosing 14th Street capital as your hard money lender gives you an advantage over your competitors by giving you quick access to funds for closing real estate deals in Georgia. We also have feet on the ground in Georgia as a well established local lender that can act as your guides when it comes to investing in real estate markets and also give you contacts of local contractors, poising you for success.

5. What are the hard money loan interest rates at 14th Street Capital?

We don’t offer a pre-prepared rate card for real estate investors in Georgia. Instead, we evaluate every investment on the basis of a set of parameters such as property valuation, location, borrower experience etc. and based on that we prepare a custom quote for every loan application we receive. In addition to the interest rates, we charge origination fees starting at 2 points for every loan taken. We also offer interest only loans for real estate investors in Georgia.

7. How is the loan amount for distressed properties for fix and flip loans determined?

At 14th Street Capital, we take into consideration the after repair value of the property rather than the current value when financing a fix and flip. Our team of in-house underwriters conducts the property appraisal to determine the property’s ARV. Depending on the experience the investor has in successfully executing fix and flips, we give funding for up to 80 percent of the after repair value. Borrowers will need to furnish the minimum amount required for down payment to be eligible for a fix and flip loan from 14th Street Capital to demonstrate skin in the game when applying for a loan with 14th Street Capital.

2. What is the process to apply for a hard money loan with 14th Street Capital?

We follow a straightforward lending process for investors looking to get a hard money loan in the state of Georgia. All you have to do is to fill out the application form and someone from our team will contact you to take things further. We take a tailored approach for every application we receive, allowing us to offer the best possible rates and terms to every investor. Repeat investors with 14th Street get exclusive relationship benefits such as lower interest rates and origination fees for the subsequent loans they apply for.

4. What are the requirements for getting a hard money loan in Georgia?

All you need when you apply for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital is title and insurance of the property. We have in-house underwriters that conduct property appraisals and charge an upfront fee for the same. What you definitely don’t need is cumbersome documentation, pay stubs, credit reports, income proofs, and bank statements. 14th Street Capital also lends to first time investors so while experience in real estate is desirable, it certainly is not required.

6. What kind of properties can you get a hard money loan for in Georgia?

14th Street capital lends on all type of non owner occupied properties in Georgia. We have loans for investors looking to fix and flip houses for profit, for landlords looking for funding for renovation of their distressed properties and rental investors looking to grow their portfolio in the state of Georgia.

8. What real estate markets in Georgia do you operate in?

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans for investment in all the leading real estate markets in Georgia. This includes Atlanta, Athens, Savannah and Augusta.