Trusted Hard Money Lenders In Florida

Fast and easy lending solutions for investors in Florida’s competitive real estate market.

The 14th Street Advantage for Hard Money Loans in Florida

Fast Loan Approvals

Fast loan approvals timelines prequalification and preliminary approval in 24 hours and closing times as low as 7 days.

Minimal Documentation

Minimal documentation and straightforward lending process. We have eliminated all the unnecessary hoops to simplify the process of securing funding.

Transparent Pricing

100 percent transparent pricing and interest rates. No hidden fees or unexpected surprises throughout the lending process.

Competitive Interest Rates

Competitive interest rates for all types of hard money loans and low closing costs. Best in market interest rates with low origination fees to maximize profit.

Local Lending Expertise

With long standing local relationships established in Florida over long term, 14th Street Capital offers flexible financing with local expertise to help you excel.

Customer-First Approach

We believe customer service is critical to the overall lending process. Relationship based lending offers custom benefits for repeat borrowers.

Florida Hard Money Lending

Hard Money Loan Highlights


Fast Hard Money Loan Approvals And Short Timelines

Faster the access to funding is,  greater are the chances of a successful closing. Conventional loans go through a number of stages of review and underwriting before they are approved. This process easily takes up to 3 months. 

The long time-gap between the application and approval can cause you to miss out on rewarding opportunities in Florida’s real estate market. 

Hard money loans get approved in a matter of weeks if not days, giving you a competitive advantage over other real estate investors. 

Florida Hard Money Lending Areas Covered

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Florida including:

14th Street Capital Edge

Easier Access To Hard Money Loans In Florida

Florida is home to one of the most vibrant and profitable real estate markets in the U.S. Over the past five years home values in Florida have increased by nearly 38%. 

Additionally, sales of single-family homes in Florida are up by 21% compared to a year ago, making Florida a lucrative real estate market.

Even though the demand is high, the property prices remain reasonable, making Florida a sought after state for real estate investors all across the country. The current seller’s market where the demand exceeds the available inventory, makes the real estate scenario very competitive. 

Hard money loans are typically short-term loans funded by private investors or a company of investors as opposed to conventional lending sources such as banks and credit unions. 

With loans secured by property value instead of individual creditworthiness, fast approvals and flexible lending process, hard money loans can help you succeed in Florida’s competitive real estate market.

Easy Financing For Beginner And Experienced Real Estate Investors

Whether you are a first-time borrower looking to invest in real estate or an experienced investor looking for funding at flexible terms, hard money loans get you the funding you need to succeed in Florida’s real estate market. 

Hard money lenders provide easy financing for both beginners as well as experienced real estate investors, in a flexible approval process. 

With asset-backed funding, individual creditworthiness, net worth, minimum income requirements, and history of foreclosures, do not factor in the loan approval process. 

Range of Hard Money Loan Financing Options for Florida Real Estate Investors

Asset backed loans for investors looking to build a rental property portfolio in the state of Florida.

Short term loans for purchasing a distressed property, renovating it and selling it for profit.

Leverage property value and replace existing mortgages to create additional funding for investing in real estate in Florida.

FAQs About Choosing Hard Money Lenders In Florida

1. What is the process to obtain a hard money loan in Florida from 14th Street Capital?

14th Street Capital’s straight forward and streamlined lending process makes it easy for borrowers investing in Florida’s real estate markets to get quick and easy financing. We follow a hassle free process involving minimal documentation to approve the hard money loans. You need to have a repayment strategy ready with a down payment of 15 percent of the total loan amount to obtain the loan. The documentation of property valuation and appraisal is done in house and we charge an upfront fee for the same.

3. How long can I take the loan for?

14th Street Capital offers both short term as well as long term hard money loans for real estate investors in Florida. Short term loans such as fix and flip loans have a loan duration ranging from 3 to 24 months. For longer term loans such as landlord loans and rental loans, we offer a 30 year loan term with flexible amortization options.

5. Will my credit score make a difference when applying for a hard money loan from 14th Street Capital?

Our hard money loan offerings are based on the property valuation rather than individual creditworthiness. Since the underwriting is done solely on the basis of the value of the property, credit score is not a requirement for getting a hard money loan in Florida from 14th Street Capital. That being said, if you have previous history of borrowing from us, have a good credit history and happen to be an experienced real estate investor, you may get better terms such as lower interest rates and origination fees.

7. What areas do you lend in?

14th Street Capital is Florida’s leading hard money lender dealing in all the major real estate markets in the state. This includes the real estate markets of Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Jupiter, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Vero Beach and West Palm Beach.

9. How is the property valuation determined?

To determine the property valuation, our team of in-house underwriters conduct an analysis of comparable properties i.e properties that have sold, leased, properties for sale, and properties for rent. In case of valuation of rental properties, the cash flow of the property is used to determine the valuation. In case of fix and flip loans, the rehab plan is evaluated and loan is given out on the basis of the property’s ARV (after repair value).

2. What questions should I ask when deciding on a hard money lender in Florida?

When choosing a hard money lender in Florida, you should inquire about the interest rates charges and the origination fees levied. Other factors to take into account are the years of lending experience, local expertise in the real estate market you are interested in, whether they lend directly to you from their own funds, the loan term offered and whether you would be charged a prepayment penalty if you choose to pay off your loan early.

4. What are the interest rates for hard money loans from 14th Street Capital?

At 14th Street Capital, we believe each deal is unique and therefore we don’t follow a pre-set interest rate matrix. Each deal is aggressively priced based on the individual property, client history, loan to value, property location and cash flow of the property. Taking a tailored approach for every borrower allows us to offer the most competitive rates among hard money lenders in Florida.

6. What types of programs do you offer?

14th Street Capital offers a range of hard money loan offerings in the state of Florida. For long term loans, we only offer 3-5 years interest only loans followed by a flexible amortization schedule depending on the needs of the borrower. The structure of the hard money loans can be amended as per the requirements of each transaction.

8. Can I conduct repairs using the funds from a hard money loan?

Fix and flip loans are a part of 14th Street Capital’s hard money loan offerings. The funding is available for both property purchase as well as repairs. Borrowers can get up to 75 percent of the after-repair value as a hard money loan. This allows you sufficient leeway to conduct the rehab and flip the property for profit while putting in minimum funds from your own pockets.