Trusted Hard Money Lenders in West Palm Beach

Fast access to funding for real estate investment in non owner occupied properties in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Trusted Hard Money Lender In West Palm Beach, Florida

Hard Money Loans For Investing In West Palm Beach, Florida

The home prices in Palm Beach County are currently at record high. There is a 24% increase in the prices for single family residences on a year-on-year basis. 

Shrinking inventory and increasing competitiveness in the seller’s market has made faster access to capital a prerequisite requirement when investing in the real estate market of West Palm Beach.

Whether you are looking to fix and flip a property for profit, building your rental portfolio or simply looking to refinance your existing loan for a better rate, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital can get you to meet your funding requirements and empower you to succeed in West Palm Beach’s competitive real estate market.

Hard Money Lending in West Palm Beach, Florida

Loan Highlights

Why Choose 14th Street Capital for Hard Money Loans in Palm Beach County?

Competitive Interest Rates

Hard money loans can get expensive but you can rest assured that you are getting a fair deal with our best in market, competitive interest rates. For investors planning to fix and flip properties in West Palm Beach, we offer the capital to purchase as well as renovate the property.

Local Expertise

Secure fast funding and also get access to a wealth of knowledge about the local real estate market in West Palm Beach with 14th Street Capital. We guide you through your investment decisions and can also help you connect with local contractors so that you can realise profits better.

Transparent Lending Process

With a streamlined lending process and no hidden fees, 14th Street Capital makes investment in West Palm Beach’s real estate market a hassle free experience. Minimal documentation requirements and flexible underwriting process, taking a hard money loan was never easier.

Relationship Based Lending

We at 14th Street Capital understand the value of customer relationships. This is why when you apply for a loan with us a second time, you get the best possible deal. Repeat investors get access to better terms and can get loans at lower origination points in subsequent dealings.

Hard Money Lenders in Florida

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital provides hard money loans in Florida’s leading real estate markets, including:

Different Loan Offerings for Various Investment Needs

Short Term Funding Requirements at Competitive Rates

Get capital you need to purchase distressed properties, carry out the rehab and sell it for profit with fix and flip loans from 14th Street Capital.

Start building your rental portfolio with rental and loans from 14th Street Capital. We also cover the repairs so that you can maximise profits as a landlord.

Bridge Loans

If you are looking to refinance an existing loan, you can choose to get bridge loans from 14th Street Capital at attractive interest rates.

Hard Money Lending in West Palm Beach

Hard Money Loans: The Best Option for Real Estate Investors

Get Access To Funding Faster

Unlike traditional lending sources in which it takes weeks for loan approval to take place and months before you actually get the funding, hard money lenders can give you the capital you need to invest in the competitive real estate market of Florida.

Easy To Qualify For

Hard money lenders are not bound by strict guidelines and rigid requirements when it comes to loan approvals. Qualifying for a hard money loan is much simpler and a flexible process. Whether you are a first-time investor or have plenty of experience in the world of real estate, hard money loans you will find it equally easy to qualify for a hard money loan.

Asset Backed Loans

Self employed, low credit score, or history of foreclosure in the past? Your personal creditworthiness does not factor into the decision about whether you get approved for a hard money loan or not. Asset-backed loans mean that as long as the property you are investing in has potential, you have a solid plan for profiting from your investment and have a downpayment to show that you have skin in the game, you get the loan.