Trusted Hard Money Lenders in Tampa

Asset-backed funding for real estate investors in Tampa, Florida.

Trusted Hard Money Lender In Tampa, Florida

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14th Street Capital

The Tampa real estate market is a lucrative investment opportunity in Florida. With the market witnessing strong appreciation, inventory becoming limited, and tremendous demand for entry level single family homes, the housing market in Tampa is really competitive. 

Tampa is also one of the hottest markets in the US for rental properties. Low rental restrictions combined with affordability make Tampa the fastest growing rental market in Florida. 

Hard money loans provide the real estate investors with the added leverage they need to quickly close deals in Tampa’s competitive seller’s market. And 14th Street Capital is one of the leading hard money lenders in Florida.

Hard Money Lending in Tampa, Florida

Loan Highlights

The Local Advantage

Get The 14th Street Capital Edge For Hard Money Loans In Tampa

Local Expertise

14th Street Capital is a group of hard money lenders with in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market in Tampa, Florida. Whether you are planning to fix and flip a distressed property or build your rental portfolio, you not only get a reliable source of quick funding but also get access to a treasure trove of information and resources.

Beginner Friendly

You do not need to have a proven track record of successful flips or have an existing portfolio to qualify for hard money loans in Tampa. Even if it is your first real estate investment, you can still avail our hard money offerings. The competitive interest rates from 14th Street Capital can help you get started in real estate on the right foot.

Tailored Loan Offerings

Every real estate investment is unique and hard money lenders at 14th Street Capital offer customization as per your requirements. We understand that hard money loans do not follow a one-size fits all approach and thus offer tailored loan offerings to best meet your unique requirements.

Transparent Lending Process

Hard money loans from 14th Street Capital free you from jumping through multiple hoops to get loan approvals. With a simplified and transparent lending process, we strive to ensure that investing in Tampa’s real estate markets is as seamless as it can be.

Minimal Documentation Requirement

Hard money loans from 14th Street Capital do not have a big checklist of documents that you need to submit. No need to submit tax returns, income proof, bank statements or credit reports when you apply for a hard money loan for real estate investments in Tampa.

Relationship Based Lending

Get access to better terms and interest rates as you move further along your investment journey. Relationship-based lending ensures that you get access to the best in class interest rates at lower origination fees on your repeat investments.

Hard Money Lenders in Florida

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Florida including:

Why Choose Hard Money Loans over Conventional loans in Tampa

Faster Processing Times

Conventional lenders offer lower interest rates but their closing times may easily extend upto 2-3 months. Hard money loans from private lenders get approved in a matter of days, empowering you to close the deal in weeks rather than months.

Flexible Lending

Banks have conservative guidelines and a strict underwriting process before they can approve a loan. Hard money lenders on the other hand are much more flexible in their lending process. This means that you can qualify for a loan even if the property is in need of repairs.

Independent of Credit Score

You do not need to have a high credit score, show income proof, submit tax returns or have impeccable credit record to qualify for a hard money loan. While conventional lenders will likely reject your application based on personal creditworthiness, hard money lenders do not take these factors as a basis for approval. Even if you have a history of foreclosure in the past, you can still get a hard money loan.

Asset Backed Loans

Hard money lenders use the property value as a determinant to approve the loan. Fix and flip loans are based on the after repair value and not the existing property value making it a lucrative deal for real estate investors. All you need is enough equity to prove that you have skin in the game and a solid plan of action for profiting from your investment, and you will get the loan.