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Short term asset-backed lending for real estate investors who may not qualify for or don’t want to go via traditional financing options.

Trusted Hard Money Lender In Orlando, Florida

The Local Advantage With
14th Street Capital

Orlando’s housing market is currently witnessing a tremendous surge in population growth, equity growth and rent growth. The average sale price for a home in Austin is up 15.7 percent as compared to last year.

On the other hand, the inventory available is significantly down as compared to the previous year. With pricing going high and inventory falling by 61 percent on a year on year basis, Orlando’s real estate market is highly competitive.

The biggest downside of taking a loan from traditional lenders for investing in real estate is the disproportionately large wait times. 

In competitive real estate markets such as Orlando, large wait times which can span from 2 to 3 months can result in you losing out on promising investment opportunities.

In a competitive real estate market like Orlando’s, hard money loans can give you the competitive edge you need to successfully close deals and increase your profits.

Hard Money Lending in Orlando, Florida

Loan Highlights

Hard Money Loans Easily

14th Street Capital Advantage when Investing in Orlando’s Real Estate Market

Local Expertise

14th Street Capital is a group of hard money lenders with in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market of Orlando, Florida. As real estate investors ourselves, we pride in our expertise as local hard money lenders. Whether you are planning to fix and flip a distressed property or build your rental portfolio, you not only get a reliable source of quick funding but also get access to a treasure trove of information and resources.

Minimal Documentation Requirement

Hard money loans from 14th Street Capital do not have a big checklist of documents that you need to submit. With minimal documentation requirements, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital are hassle-free. No need to submit tax returns, income proof, bank statements or credit reports when you apply for a hard money loan for real estate investments in Orlando.

Competitive Interest Rates

Invest in Orlando’s real estate market without burning a hole in your pocket. We offer best in class competitive interest rates so that you can focus on profiting from your investment without worrying over interest payments.

Transparent Lending Process

Hard money loans from 14th Street Capital free you from jumping through multiple hoops to get loan approvals. With a simplified and transparent lending process, we strive to ensure that investing in Orlando’s real estate markets is as seamless as it can be.

Relationship Based Lending

Get access to better terms and interest rates as you move further along your investment journey. Relationship-based lending ensures that you get access to the best in class interest rates at lower origination fees on your repeat investments.

Tailored Loan Offerings

Every real estate investment is unique and hard money lenders at 14th Street Capital offer customization as per your requirements. We understand that hard money loans do not follow a one-size fits all approach and thus offer tailored loan offerings to best meet your unique requirements.

Hard Money Lenders in Florida

Areas Covered and Markets Served

14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Florida including:

Why Choose Hard Money Loans Over Conventional Loans In Orlando

Faster Processing Times

Hard money lenders are not held by strict guidelines when it comes to loan approvals. With a flexible underwriting process, loan approval takes place in a matter of days and not months. Ensure that you never miss out on an investment opportunity in Orlando, Florida with hard money loans from 14th Street Capital.

Financing Riskier Projects

If a property needs repairs to be undertaken before it is put on the market for sale again, conventional lenders won’t take their chances. Hard money lenders offer loans for distressed properties and even cover rehab costs so that you can successfully fix and flip or rent out your investment property in Orlando.

Independent of Credit Score

Approval of hard money loans does not depend on your credit score, income proof or individual creditworthiness. Previous history of foreclosures, bad credit report or recent bankruptcies do not have an impact on your chances of getting a hard money loan. With the investment property acting as collateral, anyone can invest in real estate irrespective of their financial history.

Different Loan Types Based on Your Investment Needs

Hard Money Loan Funding Requirements at Competitive Rates

Get capital you need to purchase distressed properties, carry out the rehab and sell it for profit with fix and flip loans from Florida’s 14th Street Capital.

Start building your rental portfolio with rental and loans from 14th Street Capital. We also cover the repairs so that you can maximise profits as a landlord.

Bridge Loans

If you are looking to refinance an existing loan, you can choose to get bridge loans from 14th Street Capital at attractive interest rates.