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Fast, equity based lending for investing in non-owner occupied real estate properties in Fort Myers and surrounding areas such as Cape Coral and Lee County, Florida

Why Choose 14th Street Capital for Hard Money Loans in Fort Myers

Local Expertise

With years of experience both as real estate investors and private hard money lenders, availing funding from 14th Street Capital allows you to tap into the resources you need to succeed in Fort Myers’ real estate market.

Get the competitive advantage with our expertise and local real estate knowledge.

Quick Loan Processing

Unlike conventional loans that take weeks to get approved and months to close, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital have closing time that ranges in days.
Short-term hard money loans with fast closing time allows you to get started on the project quickly and realise profits faster.

Asset Based Lending

Bad credit score? Self employed? Previous history of foreclosures? With asset-backed loans from 14th Street Capital, none of this matters.

The investment property serves as a collateral in asset based lending, empowering you to fulfil your real estate aspirations without worrying about personal creditworthiness.

Customer Focus

Whether you are a first-time real estate investor or a veteran in this field, our customer first attitude keeps your needs in focus always.
Relationship based lending entitles repeat investors to get attractive interest rates and loans at lower origination points.

Hard Money Lending in Fort Myers, Florida

Loan Highlights

Trusted Hard Money Lender In Fort Myers, Florida

The Local Advantage With
14th Street Capital

Fort Myers ranks among the fastest growing cities in the U.S. In the period of the last 5 years, the city grew by 14.16 percent as a result of net migration. 

The city has also ranked as the fastest-growing metro area on the Best Places to Live list for two consecutive years in the last 5 years. 

In a Wallethub study on economic growth in the US, Fort Myers topped both the small city category along with the overall fastest-growing city with 76.57 points in 2018. 

All these factors contribute to the real estate market boom that Fort Myers is currently experiencing. The median home listing prices have increased 18.8% on a year on year basis while the average time on market is down to 53 days. 

In a seller’s market of Fort Myers, where there are more people looking to buy properties and invest in real estate than there are homes available, hard money loans can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Wide Range of Loan Offerings for your Real Estate Investment Needs in Fort Myers

The Local Advantage

Looking To Finance Your Next Investment In Fort Myers?

Competitive Rates

Get access to the funding you need at best in the market, competitive interest rates for hard money loans in Fort Myers. Get access to attractive interest rates when you choose 14th Street Capital.

Fast Approvals

With loan approvals taking place in a matter of days, hard money loans from 14th Street Capital ensure that you can kickstart your project in Fort Myers Florida in the shortest span of time.

Minimal Documentation

Hassle free loans that require minimal documentation are a specialty of 14th Street Capital. No documents for proving individual creditworthiness needed when you opt for a hard money loan.

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14th Street Capital gives hard money loans in all the leading real estate markets in the State of Florida including: