Proof of funds for real estate investing in DC

proof of funds for real estate investing in DC

Getting proof of funds for real estate investing in DC is one of the initial steps required to begin investing in real estate. You can demonstrate to sellers of real estate that you have the financial resources to support your offer by getting in touch with a hard money lender and requesting a proof of funds letter.

It’s crucial to have proof of money when making a bid on a property because these real estate deals frequently close fast and nobody likes to waste their time. This will help your bid stand out from those of other bidders who have less convincing evidence that the transaction will be successful. We’ll explain what proof of funds letter is in detail, how investors can obtain one, and what to do after you get one.

Why do I require a letter of proof of funds for real estate investing in DC?

Many property investors believe they can bid on a property, find a hard money lender to aid them with their project, and then close the deal. Unfortunately, doing this may quickly cause you to miss out on opportunities and fall behind your rivals.

A letter of proof of funds lends you credibility and makes you stand out in the competitive real estate market in DC. If you and another real estate investment approach a deal in DC, but only one of you can demonstrate that you have the cash to buy the property, then that person will probably end up with the deal. Think of your proof of funds letter as leverage. You increase your chances of getting highly sought-after homes in DC by demonstrating that you are a serious investor with the purchasing power required to proceed.

Depending on how competitive the property is, this becomes more and more crucial. If several bidders are vying for the same property and trying to offer above the asking price, being able to demonstrate that your financial standing matches the other offers will keep you in the running for potentially buying a property that would have been lost by not having a proof of funds letter.

How can I obtain a letter of proof of funds?

Banks – Your bank can give you a Proof of Funds letter if you have enough money in your account, or if you have a good credit history and a steady job. If you have the money in your account, a bank statement can be produced and used in place of a Proof of Funds letter. To secure your personal information, you should take the required precautions if a bank statement is used.

Hard money  lender -When they are prepared to make an offer on their upcoming projects, hard money lenders give real estate investors a Letter of Proof of Funds. You must present the lender with the property contract, the name of the entity buying the property, and details about your financial history in order to obtain one. Hard money loan is the flexible loan and can be obtained with bad credit, so it is a safe place to get your proof of fund

How to Make a Hard Money Loan Work Much better Letter of Proof of Funds

Make it clear that you are not using a $203,000 FHA loan and are not working with a conventional lender.

Cash is king when investing in real estate in DC. It’s challenging to match with cash offers if you’re prepared to pay more. Private loans, on the other hand, present a close second. In the Proof of Funds letter, be sure to specify unequivocally that you are dealing with a hard money lender instead of a traditional mortgage firm. For instance, we expressly note in all hard money proof of funds letters that the offers from our clients are equivalent to cash.

Offer personalized letters that reflect your highest price

In real estate, as the adage goes, you make your money when you purchase. If your maximum offer is $180K, why reveal that you have pre-approval for $200K? To ensure that you pay the least amount of money feasible for your next property, your hard money lender must be desired to alter their proof of funds letters.

Maintain the date on your hard money proof of funds letter.

Expiration dates are common with hard money lenders. For instance, our hard money letters have a 90-day expiration date. Let’s be practical. You could need more time than three months to find a home in the tight real estate market of today. In order to update it, phone your private lender and make a mental point to do so. It shouldn’t be a problem unless your circumstances have drastically changed.

Examples of hard money proof of funds letters

You may discover a tone of examples of hard money proof of funds letters online. While the structure varies from firm to firm, the following details have to be included in a proof of funds letter from the hard money lender:

  • The name and contact details of the private lender providing the proof of funds letter
  • what the borrower’s name is. It should be noted that the borrower is often identified as an LLC with the intention to submit an offer for the property.
  • The highest purchasing price this borrower is permitted to pay
  • Specific language stating that this evidence of funds is issued by a private lender and not a traditional lender, telling the sellers or any other potential receivers of the letter. In other words, the proposal need to be regarded as a “monetary proposals
  •  date the letter was sent and when it expires

Make sure your lender is accessible to communicate with the seller’s agents once the letter has been delivered to the seller. Many real estate brokers have questions regarding the hard money procedure since they are unfamiliar with it. The seller’s agent could need assurances that your lender is capable, trustworthy, and able to make the deadline if the closing date is only a few days or weeks away from the acceptance of the offer.


Asset Based Lending provides proof of funds letters to potential borrowers and unfettered access to past borrowers working on their next investment. A $250 processing fee is charged for the initial proof of funds letter; however, borrowers who proceed with an ABL real estate loan will receive a full refund of this amount.

Beyond the one-time charge, we also provide unrestricted access to the proof of funds, so even if you don’t win the first or second bid, you can keep utilizing our POF letter while looking for the ideal project.

Our proof of funds letter will be a suitable tool for real estate investors who need to demonstrate to sellers that they have the necessary finances to buy their property, and as a reputable hard money lender, we guarantee it. Contact us right now if you want to learn more about your next real estate investment project or request a proof of funds letter.

By considering the prices and your ambitions, you may make sure you’re choosing your investment in DC wisely. You can get a hard money land loan from 14th Street Capital, a highly skilled lender. Hard money loans can be obtained quickly, with no hassle, and with flexible terms and little paper work.