How To Find Fire Damaged Properties

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Finding a property to flip might be difficult enough, but looking for a certain sort of property, such as a fire-damaged home, can become a never-ending quest. Although they are uncommon, fire-damaged residences can be found on wholesale websites.

However, there are other steps you may do to improve your search. Use the tactics listed below to get notified when properties that have been damaged by fire become available.

When a house fire strikes, a large number of individuals are affected. That is to say, there are a lot of people with whom you can form bonds. Everyone responsible for putting out the fires and dealing with the fallout could be a potential source for your next project.

Top 6 Ways for Finding Fire Damaged Properties

1. Local fire department

Typically, each county and township in America will keep a comprehensive list of fire-damaged homes, or at the very minimum, inquiries and properties which have been destroyed by fires. One can either work with the firefighters and employ them as bird dogs, or you could just work with one of their volunteer or charitable groups. You can also create one.

Many investors established one so that they could go door to door each two weeks to all of the houses and neighborhoods in my area. As firefighters, they gain a lot of credibility because their organizations ‘purchase and restore properties to rebuild communities and neighborhoods.’

It’s also the most enjoyable because organizations such as fire departments are rarely aware of fantastic fund-raising prospects, so this is GOLD for them. They also gain a greater understanding of their communities, which is beneficial.

2. Google Alerts and Twitter

You can get Google alerts for any phrase or term you type in. For example, ‘Johnson County Fire.’ If Google picks up the story, you’ll stay on top of any fires your local media mentions.

You can use your fire department’s Twitter account in the same way. If they update or post on a regular basis, they will respond to calls, and you will be notified automatically if a new fire is reported. You can be a part of the first response squad, but only if you have the financial means to do so.

3. Neighbors and Community Residents

Make it known to everyone that you would pay in cash for fire-damaged homes, among other things. So ensure this is known when you,  your bird dogs, the firemen, and others are out in these locations.

This is one of  the finest sources of finding fire damaged property , and you’ll have an advantage over the competition because you’ll be the first to hear about these discounts.

4. Realtors

They’ll learn about people who want to sell or new information regarding the loans, such as filings, serious damage, and so on. A professional realtor can keep track of this and provide fantastic bargains for you.

Unless you’re dealing with a desperate agent, your best deals will usually come from other places. There are so many workshops held to teach agents how to locate and market fire-damaged properties, which can serve as a lead generator.

5. Insurance adjusters

Insurance agents can be contacted in a variety of ways. You can be presented in this situation if a seller makes a claim and receives a large sum of money, or if the seller does not receive any because the insurance firm is dishonest.

6. Contractors and home repair companies

You can always create your own fire restoration firm if you can’t find one near you. Relax, all this entails is the creation of a landing page.

It’s best to work with reputable local individuals first, and then, if you do decide to ‘start one’ (build a landing page that says ‘Fire Restoration’), you can drive ppc traffic to it and send business to the handymen and fixer uppers.

Next, devise a strategy for how and where you’ll meet these folks, establish a connection, and form a bond with them. To begin, you can reach out to your own circle of friends and family members who have personal connections to these individuals.

Try seeking up local events if you don’t know anyone who can connect you with the aforementioned persons. Charity events, fundraisers, conferences, and even volunteer opportunities are all ways to meet them in person.

Fire stations, for example, are often hosting activities ranging from cookouts to bingo nights, and they are always seeking volunteers. They’ll be more willing to provide you leads on burned-out houses if you put yourself in a scenario where you’re assisting or supporting them.

Setting Up Alerts on the Internet

Setting up an alert system on Google Alerts is a simple and free way to get real-time information on fires. Set up an alert system here using any email account. As a result, you’ll be able to conveniently keep track of the regions where you’re looking to acquire a burned house.

For example, if you want information on fires in PG County, you can arrange your alert system to send you an email whenever something with the terms ‘fire PG County’ is published online.

Notifications from news articles and tweets will arrive in your inbox, allowing you to collect details about the fire, including the address. You can then visit the property in person or make a FOIA request after you have the address.

Using Social Media to Locate Fire-Affected Property

Isn’t it true that you check your social media accounts several times a day? Follow or like your local fire department’s social networking site to stay up to date on local fires.

The DC Fire and EMS twitter account does an excellent job of announcing the location of a fire they’re responding to, as well as updates on injuries and resolutions. They also let you know about forthcoming events where you may meet them in person and begin forming relationships.