How to Get Started with Flipping Houses In San Antonio

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2022 is a great year to start a fix and flip firm because of pricing competition for residential properties and a national housing crisis. Due to the pandemic, many individuals, particularly in the South, have begun moving from cities to the suburbs and purchasing any homes they can find nearby.

Over the past year, San Antonio’s home values have climbed by 24.8 percent. San Antonio’s property values have climbed by over 67 percent in the last five years. San Antonio’s median list price for residences is $295,000.

In light of all of this, San Antonio is one places where a fix and flip is particularly likely to result in a significant profit. You’ll find plenty of fix and flip opportunities.

San Antonio offers a lot of great opportunities for savvy house flippers, but nothing is certain. Fortunately for you, this guide deconstructs every essential element of San Antonio house flipping to put you on the fast track to success.

Why Choose Flipping Houses in San Antonio?

Along with Austin and Dallas, San Antonio is the third of three significant urban centers in Texas that are experiencing rapid growth.

Although not as sharply as its northern neighbors, the Alamo city’s typical sale price has increased 16.6% year over year to $280,000. The average duration on the market, however, is even more extreme. Before the epidemic, a house would remain on the market for one to two months before selling. Now? Homes in San Antonio sell in just over 2 weeks, which is much less time than in 2020.

Flippers are either flourishing or dying because of one thing almost exclusively: finance time, which is happening at rapid speed in the property market.

San Antonio house flipping tips

Not yet persuaded? Knowing that flipping houses in San Antonio is actually simpler than you believe may be helpful. There are a few things to keep in mind that can ease your journey, while there isn’t a magic formula to follow.

Choose Your Locations Wisely

A house’s location frequently determines the success or failure of any fix and flip project. Make sure to choose discounted houses in desirable, “value-add” areas with good, readily accessible schools, rising property values, and rising employment rates. Your profit margins will be increased as a result.

In San Antonio, it’s important to take note of the architecture. Ranch-style suburban homes built to withstand the sweltering San Antonio summers will appeal to buyers. Before making any purchases, make sure you thoroughly investigate the real estate market you’re entering.

Know Your Market

The location should be the deciding factor in determining prospective value regardless of the reason for buying real estate, including repairing and flipping houses in San Antonio. The site’s characteristics have a significant impact on the value of a property. Unfortunately, you cannot relocate land; only the buildings on the property can be upgraded or even rebuilt. It all comes down to how well you understand San Antonio, current market trends, and prospective city plans for growth improvements. Only then will you be able to recognize a property with strong bones and realize that it’s a decent location that matches your budget and achieves your goals.

Assurance of Payment

Finding the money you’ll need to launch your first project can be challenging if you’re a novice house flipper.

Within a week of submitting an application for funding, you can get access to private real estate loans that are specifically tailored by We Lend. So don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you’re seeking for a San Antonio fix and flip financing.

Make Sure You’re Profiting

You’d be excused for losing sight of your cash and spending more than you had expected to because the mend and flip procedure can involve some challenging processes.

However, the well-known 70 percent rule is an excellent one to follow in order to escape this trap. This states that you may never pay more than 70% of a home’s ARV as a down payment.

Think about your exit plan

Your business plan for a fix and flip venture should include a determination of your exit strategy before you invest.

What their final goal is is one of the first things we inquire about from our borrowers at We Lend. There are many alternative tactics available, so make an informed decision!

How to Finance the home Flip in San Antonio

You’ll need to be sure you have the money available to buy in order for your property bid to be regarded seriously if you want to profit from the San Antonio flipping market.

You have two options for obtaining the necessary financing: a hard money loan from a private lender or a bank.

Hard money loans in San Antonio are used by flippers to purchase fixer-uppers.

Flip business owners who depend on conventional bank loans are missing out on the expanding industry. The cause? Those obtaining capital from a bank are not approved in time and miss out since residences are selling so quickly.

You will require a hard money loan from a private lender to be competitive in this industry. Although rates could be higher and durations might be shorter, the advantages of quick loan processing let you reach a seller before the competitors.

Neighborhoods to Flip Houses in San Antonio

Location is crucial when seeking to flip a house, and increasing the home’s worth by replacing the siding and windows and improving the curb appeal further improves and ensures your return on investment. Here are some desirable locations to look for the fix and flip properties:

Thomas Hill

Three universities  (University of the Incarnate Word, Trinity University, and San Antonio College), museums, and downtown   and are all nearby this neighborhood. San Antonio is a popular location for property flipping. There are two types of homes: those that have already undergone renovation and those that are ready for renovation. It is ideally situated for investment properties because of the location.

Mountain View

The distinctive homes in the Monte Vista neighborhood, which are uncommon for San Antonio and feature basements and three stories, can be great selling features. If you can discover the perfect opportunity, this neighborhood, which is immediately north of Tobin Hill, is another excellent location for flipping. Even while older homes may require more than a simple facelift, investing in energy-efficient siding and windows can add significant value.

Heights of Alamo

One of the best neighborhoods in San Antonio to purchase real estate for house flipping is Alamo Heights. Your return on investment in this area is, to put it mildly, significant. Basically, any upgrades made to a home in this location will pay for themselves many times over. In this neighborhood, renovated homes might fetch between $250k and $1.5m.

Stone Oak

In this community, the average house is worth $305,200. Despite the area’s average crime rates, families, nightlife, and public schools love it here.


San Antonio is a terrific spot to start your next fix and flip project given the recent hoopla around it, its low-value houses, and its excellent quality of life.

Additionally, San Antonio has a fantastic network of flippers from whom you can get assistance as needed. You can start fixing and flipping in any attractive neighborhood if you speak with an expert private lender about funding.

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