Guide To Flipping Houses In Missoula

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Missoula, is a city in Montana, with 20 distinct neighborhoods and a wide selection of reasonably priced duplexes, townhouses, and multi-family residences. The typical listing price for homes in Missoula as of April 2022 was $551,000, rising 22.4% from the previous year. $305 is the average listing price per square foot. Additionally, residences in Missoula typically sell after 43 days on the market.

The Lolo National Forest,  Mission Mountain, Rattlesnake Wilderness Area, and Selway Bitterroot Wilderness are just a few of the wilderness areas that surround this community, which contributes to its reputation for being near to nature. In addition, Missoula is rising to fame for its burgeoning culinary and music scenes.

With favorable average housing prices, there is also a significant potential for annual growth. As a result, it is easy to see that Missoula is a good opportunity for investors looking to enhance their real estate portfolios through house flipping.

The city has 10 private and charter schools in addition to 20 public schools with a rating of excellent or above. Additionally, Missoula has a huge selection of grocers, eateries, and coffee shops. For a better way of life, there are also lots of lovely parks and gyms.

How to flip a house in Missoula

Following are the list of things to do before you start your journey as a flipper:

Set up a budget

You must adhere to a specified spending limit or you run the danger of running out of money and having to give up on your flip project.

One of the key guidelines for home flippers is the 70% rule. Less than 70% of the home’s after-repair value, or ARV, must be paid. By subtracting the cost of the necessary repairs from the home’s resale price, you can arrive at the maximum allowable offer (MAO).

Consider a home with an ARV of $200,000 that requires $20,000 in renovations to address a mold issue and some minor cosmetic issues.

$140,000 is 70% of the after-repair value. You need to spend $20,000 on repairs, so after that, you have $120,000. The buying price of the home will not exceed $120,000 if you adhere to the 70% criterion.

Consider including the price of self-storage, which many people utilize when refurbishing their homes.

Research the property

Once you’ve identified the properties that are priced below market value and taken into account additional signs like active days on the market, you can evaluate the neighborhood’s desirability. The quality of the area is important when flipping houses in Montana. Other quantitative factors, such as the caliber of local entertainment, parks and recreation, and shopping opportunities, should be taken into account in addition to the listing and sale price.

Rehab and repair work may be beneficial for the existing housing stock in historic communities in Missoula as well as a rapidly expanding urban area. Flipping properties can be a lucrative business in Missoula. You must, however, develop the ability to identify wise decisions.

Assess your capabilities, commitment, and time

You can avoid a great deal of stress, time, and money by being completely honest with yourself and maintaining a realistic perspective on your particular circumstance.

Can the majority of the repairs be done by you? Are you prepared to acquire the necessary skills? Can you pay someone else to complete it for you? Are you willing to let the professionals do their tasks without interfering if you hire someone? Can you afford a setback, either financially or in terms of time, if you make a mistake or the house has a significant problem? You can you hire a mentor?

Set a deadline, choose your level of involvement, and be aware that issues will probably arise. Be patient, adaptable, and inventive.

Get finance for flipping houses in Missoula

If you’ve been investing in real estate for a while, you might have the funds to complete an all-cash transaction. While investing all of your money in one endeavor is unpleasant, it typically expedites the sale and saves you a sizable chunk of money as well.

You need finance if you can’t pay an all-cash transaction. Hard money loans in Missoula are a short term loan are the best choice for orchestrating a fix and flip in Montana. Most quick sale loans are repaid within six months to two years.

Another, more challenging alternative is to get investors. While you are normally you’re required to investigate your local housing market, discover the deal, supervise the repair, and handle the flip, they can give you the money you need.

Use of subject to transactions is an excellent alternative. Without having to check your credit report or have a lot of cash on hand, Hard money loan is a terrific method to own a house.

Create a team of experts to assist you

A real estate lawyer, a general contractor, a realtor, a lender, and workers are required. A mentor is suggested but not required. Access to a solid team and like-minded investors is just as beneficial and frequently less expensive.

Try looking for your community on Reddit, Twitter, or a Facebook group. Take advantage of the thousands of different investors who are willing to assist one another by giving back when you can.

You will be able to start your flip project as soon as you gain possession if you have accesses to take advantage of these people, which will save you a lot of money and hassle.

Select a property & purchase it

You will need more money if you want to flip a house quickly and it only needs minor repairs like paint, a few floors that need to be replaced, or new windows. These properties are more expensive but, fortunately, less troublesome. Also, turnaround time is reduced.

You’re going to have to get your hands dirty if you want a more challenging, you’ll have to work hard and get your hands dirty.

Foreclosed homes, fixer-upper homes, and distressed properties that need a lot of work will take longer, demand more labor, and cost more money to restore, but they are typically worthwhile; they also add more value to the community and can make a property safe and comfortable for families once more.

Redoing the floor plan, putting the property back up to code, changing the wiring or plumbing, adding on an addition, rebuilding the roof, or even raising and releveling a property with a fractured or deteriorated foundation are all examples of extensive flips.

If you’ve never flipped a property before, you’ll need a great team to take on this kind of endeavor. However, it’s usually best to approach one of these beasts from a lower level. Before embarking on something this daunting, rack up a few victories.

Before choosing a house, make sure to speak with your contractor and real estate lawyer. You could also want to speak with a real estate agent and another seasoned investor.

Renovate the property

This is the most exciting part of the sale for many investors, especially novice flippers: starting that repair.

Consider performing some of the work yourself if you want to swiftly accumulate cash and complete the project. Even if you are uncomfortable or incapable of performing the renovation job, you may still help the process along by picking up a broom, power washer, or paintbrush. For your contractor, you can also make trips to the hardware or lumberyard.

As your workload increases, the time you save by performing the rehabilitation tasks on your own will become less valuable than the money you could have saved.

Your chances of having a successful house flip increase, though, the more involved you are in the process. Your contractors need to be managed so that the work you’ve assigned them is completed on time and within your set budget.

Now resell or rent the property

Rental properties can be your best exit plan if dependable, ongoing income sounds more tempting to you. Consider employing a property manager; they are familiar with many of the minor but critical laws governing rental properties and can help you turn this investment into true passive income.

Reselling the home is your best option if you want to get a lump sum of money. In this situation, you should get in touch with a knowledgeable real estate agent and a house stager.

Probably more so than you do, a skilled real estate agent can help you command a higher price while promoting the house successfully.

The residence can be staged by the interior designer to appeal to more people. They almost always assist you in recovering far more money than you initially paid for them, proving that they are worthwhile investments.


As a result of all the buzz surrounding the city, the relatively low cost of homes there, and the high standard of living residents enjoy, Missoula is an ideal location for a renovation and resale venture.

In addition, if you ever find yourself in a bind, Missoula is home to a wonderful network of flippers who will gladly lend a hand. Talking to a professional private lender about getting money can allow you to begin fixing and flipping in any desirable area.

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